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At A Glance

The new Reset full face helmet from 661 is just one of their new products to hit the market created to provide bang up to date style and features at an affordable price. As the name suggests, the Reset has been freshly designed and crafted from scratch with a focus on making it a highlight of the new range.

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Out of the box, the Reset immediately impressed with its contemporary, sharp design combined with a lightweight feel (1100g in Medium) and certainly gives the first impression of a helmet that might cost far more than it does. Retailing for 99 Euros on their website, the Reset is making itself available to a massive audience.

There are four snazzy colours to choose from, and we’ve been testing the ‘Tropic Orange’, which has a light metallic gold finish with orange accents and a nice arty tropical flower design on the back. This might not to everyone’s taste, but we like the style and the fact that 661 are trying new things. There are more subtle, but still very good looking options, of course, Matador Red, Midnight Black and Tundra White are available.

The reset imposes itself with some aggressive angles and lines, which are integrated into various design features. These include an adjustable visor, large eye port for good visibility and goggles compatibility along with a sculpted lip on the rear of the helmet to stop your goggle strap from moving out of position. The custom-moulded helmet has several vents and has channels beneath the brow pad to encourage airflow. Using three shell sizes, there is a size for everyone, and the adjustable pads help fine-tune the fitting throughout the range of seven different sizes, from XXS – XXL (49 – 65cm)

On The Trail

The Reset fitted my head well thanks to the comfy padded liner, which is removable to make cleaning easier. The sizing seems a touch on the small side, so try before you buy if you can. With the right fit like mine, the helmet sits and stays in place well throughout those long bone shaking descents.

Vision is as good as it gets with a full face helmet thanks to the large sculpted port which gives heaps of room for goggles, and the lip at the back does a great job of holding goggle straps in place.

There is always a balance to be found between ventilation and overall protection on a full-face helmet. The Reset offers more on the protection side and boasts around 10 angular vents, which are on the smaller side for air flow. There has obviously been a good bit of thought put into this ventilation design as it works better than I'd expected on a lid of this price.

Air which passes through the open goggle port and the neat looking chin guard vents is pushed through the helmet and out of the rear. Only on a few mid-summer uplifts did I start to feel uncomfortably hot, but I honestly don’t think any full face would offer much more cooling in such conditions.

This compact set of venting also means that greater coverage and protection is provided as well as adding to the sleek aesthetics. The visor gives a good range of adjustment, which is fastened by three metal screws, which can be tightened or loosened with a coin if needed. For me, this adjustability is key for various riding conditions and works really well.


The Reset helmet is a stylish and lightweight piece of protection with a distinctive look and a collection of well thought out features, at an incredibly affordable price. I think it’s safe to say that 661 have done a great job of 're-setting' things and have come up with a helmet, which punches way above its price tag. It’s also great to see that we will soon have access to a MIPS protection version, which boasts even more modern styling than this new batch. It looks like 661 are back in the game!

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This review was in Issue 56 of IMB.

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By Charley Oldrid
Charley Oldrid is a man who spends a lot of time in the saddle. A highly experienced Mountain Bike Guide, having led trips all over world riding the finest trails he can find. His personal riding style can only be described as wild, getting sideways isn't an option on a ride with Charley, it's mandatory. If anyone can find the limit of a test bike, it's him.

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