MET Helmets Parachute MCR Mips 2022 Mountain Bike Review

MET Helmets Parachute MCR Mips 2022

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The MET Parachute MCR is MET’s convertible full-face helmet developed for enduro, all-mountain and e-MTB riding. MCR stands for Magnetic Chinbar Release and instantly converts from full to open face helmet and back. The Parachute is available in 3 sizes and 7 colorways.

The product

The Parachute MCR is one of the few stylish looking convertible full face helmets available on the market. It uses an ingenious design that allows you to remove the chin piece in a matter of seconds.
Weighing in at about 850 grams it is nice and light and offers superior protection with the MIPS system. The visor is adjustable, and can be flipped upward so you can quickly stash the goggles on a climb. The magnetic Fidlock closure is intuitive to use and enables you to even close the buckle with one hand. There are 21 vents keeping your head cool on the hottest of days, and the Boa closure system on the back allows you to fine tune the fit on the fly. To make sure the helmet fits any face size, you get to choose between two thicknesses of cheek pads.

Out on the trail

Unboxing the helmet I immediately liked the design of it. It’s always hard to make a good combination of function and design, but MET seemed to have struck a great line with the Parachute. Either as a full face helmet or as an open face the helmet looks stylish.We do have to note that the chin strap has limited adjustability. Also, it would’ve been amazing if MET supplied some type of plugs to stop mud from coming in when riding in the open face mode. We never had any issues mounting the chin piece, but I can imagine in extremely muddy situations it could get clogged up. Besides, the helmet would look even better if it didn’t have those holes on the side.

Size wise, the small we had on test was a tad on the tiny side compared to other helmets. Circumference was easy to adjust with the Boa strap, but entry into the helmet was fairly tight. Once on, the helmet was nice and lightweight, and had plenty of ventilation to stay cool on the climbs.

The removable chin piece is a great function of the helmet. Many times I don’t bring my full face helmet as I don’t want to restrict my breathing on the climb. The MCR however makes it easy to switch between the two. The chin piece was easy to stash in your pack for the ups, and when getting ready for the descent it took a second to mount. After a bit of practice I could even remove the chin piece at the bottom of the descent, without removing the helmet from my head.


The Parachute MCR is a great helmet for those that like to keep their dentist bills low. It takes away any excuse you can have for not wearing a full face, and still have a stylish open face for those less intense ride outs. Before ordering one, keep in mind that the sizing is on the smaller side.

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This review was in Issue 72 of IMB.

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By Jarno Hoogland
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