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Mountain Bike Reviews - Hunt All-Mountain Carbon H_Impact Wheelset 2020
Mountain Bike Reviews - Hunt All-Mountain Carbon H_Impact Wheelset 2020
Hunt All-Mountain Carbon H_Impact Wheelset

Hunts ever-expanding wheel range now includes an Enduro focused carbon wheelset for the gravity rider looking for strength combined with carbon precision. Front and rear-specific, the All-Mountain Carbon H_Impact claims to be responsive, compliant and incredibly strong, all at the same time! What it doesn't claim to have is a particularly snappy moniker. Getting right to the point, the crucial…

Issue 62

New bikes from Marin, Kona and Kinesis have kept us busy this month while we take a look at some wheel upgrades, a new nine-speed drivetrain from Box and some brakes from TRP.

11 months ago

HONOURED TO CREATE PERFORMANCE BIKE WHEELS FOR DEVOTED RIDERS. High Spec, Wide Rim, Tubeless-Ready Road wheels. Part of the The Rider Firm. HAND-BUILT PERFORMANCE BIKE WHEELS The bike wheels we want to buy don’t exist! So we've made them. We have years of experience in the UK bike industry sourcing and developing high specification bike components, as well as being avid cyclists of course. We've worked with and for several leading wheel brands. This knowledge means Hunt Bike Wheels bring you the latest technology and thinking in all things round. Our hubs, spokes, rims, bearings and quick-releases are manufactured by leaders in each field and are then lovingly hand-built into outstanding wheels by experts with thousands of builds under their belt. We also offer direct customer service so you will always be able to speak to a person and access the parts and servicing you need fast. THE CHASE IS ON - HUNT BIKE WHEELS Create the best wheels for devoted bike riders Peter & Tom Marchment Product/Service

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