Canyon were tucked away in one of the back corners of the show this year, next to arguably one of the most expensive bike brands in the industry the brand who have been shaking up the industry were proudly showing their new bikes. By now everyone knows about the value for money Canyon offer, the direct to market strategy that they have been pushing has played out well for them. The bikes speak for themselves, they have won fans the world over and with beautiful frames, solid components and fantastic customer service it is easy to see why they have experienced such meteoric growth!


The big news is the new DH rig which Canyon have been working on; the Sender features a frame that looks like it’s been sent from the future. They’ve optimised the suspension travel and feel as much as possible to offer a super plush ride while providing total control. Add in a spec list to die for and you have one of the hottest looking DH bikes at what will no doubt competitive price too.


The new Spectral offers trail bike geometry in two wheel size choices. A 130mm 29er set up and a 140mm 27.5 offering too. The murdered out Spectral CF 9.0 EX LTD was on display and turning heads throughout the show. It should be available mid-November direct from the website.


The Neuron is billed as an all round performer, however, looking at the geometry, this has XC and marathon racing in its sights. A steep head angle combines with a relatively short reach to keep your weight over the front end on the climbs. Available again in two wheel sizes the 29er has 110mm of travel while the 27.5 version has 120mm of travel. The Neuron AL 9.9 LTD won’t break the bank, but it is littered with trinkets that should do!

Project Dis/Connect

Arguably the biggest head turner at the show was the new Project Dis/Connect, a system that disengages the rear hub from the suspension set up at the touch of a button. We’ll let the engineer from Canyon explain it; he does a much better job than we can!

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Fri 23rd Sep, 2016 @ 12:00 am

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