The Scott Genius is 10 years old, the first full suspension mountain bike to win a world championship back in 2003 with Thomas Frischknecht piloting the original 120mm machine!

A lot has happened since then and this year Scott are the first major brand to be launching a 650b machine, or 27.5inch wheel. The new wheel size has been much talked about, the perfect compromise between 26inch and 29inch. Of course for many of us we have just got our heads around the 29inch platform, so adding a whole new concept to the fray could be confusing. But bear with us, if you’ve ridden a 29er and enjoyed the benefits, but felt it might have been a bit of a drastic step from your current machine, then the new 27.5inch format is the perfect choice.

29er or 27.5 the choice is now yours...

The frame is also matched to the wheel size, the Genius 900 is a 29er bike with 130mm of travel, the Genius 700 a 27.5inch wheeled bike with a 150mm travel frame. If you ride in a more cross country environment the 900 makes the obvious choice, if your trails are a little bigger, enjoy the benefits of the 27.5inch wheeled bike.

Expect to see more of these 650b/27.5inch wheeled machines making their way round your local trails in the future…

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For the full details on the new bikes check out the Genius Mini Site HERE

Mon 16th Jul, 2012 @ 12:48 pm

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