This kid’s got skills! Commencal have launched their new youth inspired ride and Aaron Querol is slaying it, kudos to them for really pushing smaller rider specific geometry to help the younger riders get the most out of this awesome sport!

We affectionately call this the ‘missing link.’

Putting the Br into Braaap!

Putting the Br into Braaap!

We want to be sharp and precise and therefore we admit that we cannot make a 24 inch bike with 140mm of travel like an adults size S with 650b wheels and 200mm clearance. The gap is too big and the child is not big enough!

Hence the ‘missing link,’ it’s obvious!

With a height requirement between about 1.4 & 1.6 meters, the ideal situation would be to have 160mm of travel and 650b wheels. With regards to the wheel the debate was fierce. The logic was to choose the 26 inch wheel size but it has been all but abandoned by almost every brand making wheels, rims, tyres and forks which has led us to choose the 650b format.

Sending it...

Sending it…

It is a blessing in disguise in that we now have an abundance of component choices; access to the catalogue of everything that exists for enduro (wheels, tyres and forks) is a great opportunity for these small rigs.

The frame is 100% new, close to the Supreme 24 in that it is so lightweight, low and easy.

Better sized bikes give people confidence...

Better sized bikes give people confidence…

Rider: Aaron Querol - Andorra

Rider: Aaron Querol – Andorra

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Tue 10th Nov, 2015 @ 6:30 pm

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