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If Nepal isn’t on your bucket list of destinations, it should be, watch this video with care though, you might just be grabbing a credit card… Equally you might be turning the volume down, the cheesey voice over might just be a little bit too much for your morning coffee!

Usually known as the perfect place for hiking and climbing, a small group of mountain bikers set out to prove that Nepal is also made for mountain biking. The stunning country is home to an immensely old culture, kind people, and a landscape of unique beauty. Majestic mountains, among others the 8000m high Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, bring with them the most incredible trails. Our mountain bikers Alex, Roberta, and Florian set out on an adventure to explore these trails on their bikes. Although not easy to master, the trails through Nepal’s mountains fascinate our mountain bikers – up there you can discover Nepal’s very own charm that is hard to find elsewhere. The scenery is overwhelming – it can only be fully appreciated when you slow down and free your mind completely. The calmness of the place will flow through you, allowing you to live in the moment and experience fully the nature of Nepal.

Production: Third Pole
Athletes: Alex Molinero, Roberta Ribotta, Florian Mair

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Wed 11th Nov, 2015 @ 10:00 am

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