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Go outside, create lovely days!

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What’s "Worldschooling"? How to pass academic exams on the road? And what does it take to become a „Happy Family“? 😉 Find the answers in our latest adventure blog post:
#cycling #adventure #travel #family

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Go WILD for the weekend! 🙌

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Face the bright side of life ☀️

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Buttons can occasionally come off due to constant use of our products. We’ll show you the steps to take here. 😉
#repairingiscaring #howto #help

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Hike more - worry less 🙂

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Outdoor fact: You can't be sad while riding a bike!

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"Make it simple, but significant." - Don Draper -

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I don't have a bucket list, but I do have a "bike it" list! What's on your list?

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Machen ist wie wollen, nur krasser!

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Company overview
We share a passion with mountain sports fans all over the world for the crisp, clean air found high in the mountains; for summer thunderstorms and winter blizzards; for the exhilaration we experience on the ascent and the peace we find at the top.

The mountains are a symbol for the high standards we place on our products and for passionately experiencing nature.
VAUDE stands for respect in all its interaction with others and the nature around us. We have set our sight on becoming Europe’s most environmentally friendly outdoor brand, so that sportsmen and women of today, and those to come can enjoy nature to the fullest. We are pioneers in this way, challenging convention and pushing the limits of the possible.

VAUDE’s roots are in mountain sports. The passion we experience on the ascent and the peace we find at the top are what drive us. Without the mountains, VAUDE wouldn’t be what it is today. It is our foundation, our brand symbol, and it stands for the high expectations we place on ourselves as a company and on our products.
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Mountain Bike Reviews - Vaude Moab Women Pro 18 2018
Mountain Bike Reviews - Vaude Moab Women Pro 18 2018
Vaude Moab Women Pro 18

Vaude have successfully created an extremely functional trail pack, designed specifically for the female rider. The Moab Women’s Pro boasts 18 litres of storage space able to hold all you could need for a long day on the trails. Although the design is fairly simple, Vaude have definitely not scrimped. The Moab comes equipped with some much sought-after features, including…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Vaude Men's Moab Jacket II 2017
Mountain Bike Reviews - Vaude Men's Moab Jacket II 2017
Vaude Men's Moab Jacket II

Vaude continues to produce a vast array of outdoor clothing, and year on year they expand and improve their mountain bike range. Moab is the name which features heavily throughout their line up and this here is the Moab Jacket II. Soft shell, full zip and a hood are the first and simplest descriptors of the Moab II. Happily, it's…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Vaude Moab Shorts II 2017
Mountain Bike Reviews - Vaude Moab Shorts II 2017
Vaude Moab Shorts II

Vaude’s second iteration of the Moab Short is available in both a men’s and women’s fit and is aimed at the perennial trail rider, with an 80% windproof (surely an oxymoron) fabric and water-repellent coating. Featuring a strong ecological story, the Moabs are made from a sustainably sourced, fairtrade, lightweight 4-way stretch material designed with strength and comfort in mind.…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Vaude Minaki Jacket  2016
Mountain Bike Reviews - Vaude Minaki Jacket  2016
Vaude Minaki Jacket

The Minaki jacket is a hybrid jacket which combines Primaloft insulation with water resistant stretch panels to deal with serious cold weather riding. It is ecologically manufactured under Vaude's 'Green Shape' label which guarantees environmentally friendly, sustainable products. Green Shape includes Blue Sign approved fabrics which are independently certified as being environmentally and socially sound as well as Vaudes' own…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Vaude Moab Low AM 2016
Mountain Bike Reviews - Vaude Moab Low AM 2016
Vaude Moab Low AM

The flat pedal shoe market is not the most diverse, dominated by one very big brand, and very few others. Attempts from other companies have come and gone, but this year Vaude thought they would give it a go, using all of their experience in creating solid and dependable outdoor kit to produce their take on the ultimate flat pedal…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Vaude Tonale AM II 2016
Mountain Bike Reviews - Vaude Tonale AM II 2016
Vaude Tonale AM II

A mid-high boot designed for 'Trans-Alp bikers and freeriders', the Tonale is designed to keep feet insulated from the weather all year round. Featuring a Vibram sole with a solid platform for pedaling, whilst also aiming to allow for comfort for times when there is no option but to shoulder your bike. The Nubuck leather and Ceplex Pro membrane keep…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Vaude Taron Low AM  2015
Mountain Bike Reviews - Vaude Taron Low AM  2015
Vaude Taron Low AM

Having used a variety of excellent Vaude kit in some very extreme conditions over the years expectations were high. First impressions are of a low cut, robust shoe, an all-rounder rather than a dedicated genre shoe. The uppers are a combination of laminated polyurethane and a water repellent mesh. This makes for a good year round shoe but they have…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Vaude Women’s Tiak Jacket  2015
Mountain Bike Reviews - Vaude Women’s Tiak Jacket  2015
Vaude Women’s Tiak Jacket

Vaude have a reputation for high-end mountain sports clothing, and with an entire range of snowsports and mountaineering technical products you would have thought a ‘simple’ biking waterproof to be pretty good. As expected the Women’s Tiak jacket doesn’t disappoint! Not only is it a great looking little number, but it comes with Vaude’s Green Shape guarantee for products that…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Vaude Craggy Shorts  2012
Mountain Bike Reviews - Vaude Craggy Shorts  2012
Vaude Craggy Shorts

These stylish shorts from Vaude have a definite European feel to them, but if you want to shake off the black these are the perfect remedy! They come in a variety of colours; the blue featured here, also a black check and a green check design. They have stretch panels in the crotch and at the back of the shorts…

10 months ago | 0:34

This October, Roc d'Azur is the place to be! Only good things can come from combining bikes with festivals. So what are you waiting for?…

11 months ago | 3:9

Vaude’s three new bike bags, aptly named Trailfront, Trailsaddle and Trailframe, all feature roll-down closures that are easy to use and roll up tight. Made…

1 year ago

Next month, VAUDE is launching a brand new range of bike backpacks for enduro and trail centre riders in the UK. The Bracket backpack has…

2 years ago | 3:58

So you think you've seen it all? Turns out you can have a via ferrata adventure on a mountain bike! Check out the high quality…

2 years ago

VAUDE is excited to present the new Moab Pro series at the Bike Place 2017. This is VAUDE’s first range of bike backpacks with an…

3 years ago

Check out the latest in fresh goods from Vaude, premiering right now at Eurobike. In a world of vast consumerism and environmental challenges it's great…

3 years ago

Heading out into the wilderness for some sweet MTB action but unsure of what you should pack in your rucksack before a winter ride? Riding…

3 years ago | 04:31

Simply breathtaking. Hugely steep, massively techy and bonkers exposure over a massive drop in this week's #MondayMotivation. The stunning scenery being ridden here is the…

3 years ago | 02:55

Drift off into a world of glorious sunshine, epic trails and amazing food (and coffee!) with this guide to Ticino - the Italian speaking area…

4 years ago | 3:33

If Nepal isn't on your bucket list of destinations, it should be, watch this video with care though, you might just be grabbing a credit…

4 years ago | 3:14

As Ned Stark would say, winter is coming! But that doesn't mean you need to stop riding your bike, with the right gear and the…

4 years ago | 7:20

We're not even the slightest bit jealous, I mean who would want to ride all those trails, experience the adventure and see so much. Follow…

Issue 56

Ewen Turner takes a budget mountain bike and enters a three-day enduro race in Exmoor. Can a low-cost hardtail survive the beating? Find out how he got on and whether he was still smiling at the end of a gruelling but awesome multi-day stage race.

8 months ago
Issue 47

Win some fantastic riding gear this issue from Vaude with prizes for the ladies and the guys too!

2 years ago
Issue 32

With winter here in the Northern Hemisphere it is time to look at winter jackets to keep you dry, we also have some clipless shoes on test too!

5 years ago

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