Vaude Taron Low AM  2015 Mountain Bike Review

Vaude Taron Low AM 2015

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At A Glance

Having used a variety of excellent Vaude kit in some very extreme conditions over the years expectations were high.
First impressions are of a low cut, robust shoe, an all-rounder rather than a dedicated genre shoe.

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The uppers are a combination of laminated polyurethane and a water repellent mesh. This makes for a good year round shoe but they have become my go to intermediate conditions shoe, being reasonably water repellent yet not too heavy or too hot.

The construction is seamless which gives a snug fit with no chaffing. The closure system is somewhat over complex, a full length lace, Velcro strap and a ratchet strap hold the shoe securely. In truth the lacing system is slightly awkward and time consuming, a second Velcro strap would have been quicker and just as effective. The ratchet strap works well and more importantly does not clog in muddy conditions.

On the Trail

Sole stiffness is biased towards pedalling with good power transfer to the pedals. When stood on the pedals for long descents the shoe remains comfortable with no pressure spots. The intricate closure system keeps the shoe firmly in place, so although a bit of a fiddle to get on and off, there is no movement when you are riding which is great!

When walking there is not a great deal of flex in the sole, despite this though the shoes are comfortable for general walking around when off the bike at those all important coffee and cheese straw stops .

Without doubt the Vibram soles are one of the highlights of this shoe. The tread pattern is quite shallow which helps shed muck and bullets, allowing the XS Trek compound rubber to get on with gripping rocks and roots when it comes to hike a bike sections.


With over 1000 miles on them so far the Vaude Taron’s have lived up to our high expectations. Comfortable, decent when the weather isn’t perfect and with a stiff platform for pedalling I find myself grabbing them more often than not!

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This review was in Issue 32 of IMB.

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By Nigel Garrood
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