CUBE Bikes All Mountain Shoe – AMS Line  2015 Mountain Bike Review

CUBE Bikes All Mountain Shoe – AMS Line 2015

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At A Glance

Out of the box I really love the look of these shoes, a cool looking, casual style shoe that appear more like a pair of trainers than a serious riding shoe. They seem waterproof with glued and taped seams, but the true test is always on the trail and I'm pleased to say they didn't disappoint. UK winter riding conditions this weekend were, how can I say this...'wet' and while some water came in through the laces the glued parts on the side are sealed well.

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These shoes are described by Cube as very lightweight, weighing in just under a kilogram for the pair. Perhaps not as light as some of their competitors, but what these shoes do offer is quite an aggressive rubber sole with a reinforced nylon midsole. While pushing up one steep, wet, grassy slope I motored up while watching my friends were behind taking tentative baby steps trying not to slip. They also have a reinforced toecap and seem to be aimed at the more aggressive rider - hence the all-mountain name.

Cleverly Cube have thought about the cleat box on this shoe and there is a rubber plate cover (with 2 screws), meaning this can be used for flat and clipless pedals. It was a relief not to have to get the Stanley knife out and (with quivering hand) have to cut any rubber out of the sole. The only downside to these shoes is that there doesn’t appear to be any tolerance for side-to-side adjustment, although there is probably more than enough front to back. The challenge with the lack of side-to-side adjustment, combined with the aggressive sole is that it could reduce float and impede clipping in/out - particularly if you use a downhill style pedal with a large platform. I was using these with the Shimano XT pedal, which is fairly minimal therefore the lack of float wasn't an issue.

On the trail these shoes were great and I would be happy to wear them all day. They were super comfortable and fitted me well, I've got quite wide feet and they were generously sized. Perhaps one thing to be aware of is that these shoes are quite low around the ankle and don't offer much protection. They do, however, have a nice stiff sole, which is balanced with a good degree of feedback and sensitivity from the pedals.

This is Cube's first venture into the world of footwear and what a good job they have done! These All Mountain shoes retail at £80, which compared to other products on the market seems to be a reasonable price. Oh and don't worry about the colour choices - they do come in a range of other (more sensible) colours if you prefer, though we were rather a fan of this dashing combo!

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This review was in Issue 33 of IMB.

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By Chloe Griggs
Chloe Griggs is a ridiculously talented rider who puts the boys to shame when the going gets steep. She loves to spend the summers riding as many alpine trails as possible but is equally happy to be spinning the pedals on her local trails near home. She adds a touch of feminine class to the test team but that strictly depends on how many glasses of white wine she has had…

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