O’Neal Trigger II Shoes  2015 Mountain Bike Review

O’Neal Trigger II Shoes 2015

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At A Glance

High tops with waffle soles, or Honey Rubber as O’Neal calls them, due to their honeycomb appearance and the fact they are made from a sticky rubber - there’s not a lot more you can want from a flat pedal shoe!

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Having raced in their high SPD version, the Torque, a few years previously, I was intrigued to see how the Triggers stacked up.

On The Trail

Slipping the Trigger II shoes on I felt instantly at home, lots of nice ankle protection and not too overly padded so you lose any feeling of where your foot is.

Shoe rubber is very much a personal preference, you are either a sticky rubber fan or not, but there is no denying that prior to its invention, the waffle sole was king. The Honey Rubber sole, whilst not a ridiculously tacky rubber like some brands, latches to the pins with ease, helped no doubt by the honeycomb ‘waffle’ shaping. The slightly firmer rubber on the Trigger II actually makes it much easier to maneuver your foot and get it planted in the right place, something not as simple when you are glued to the pedals.

Whilst slightly stiffer than a standard skate shoe, the sole on the O’Neal’s is not overly rigid. Making full days in the shoes much comfier, at the expense of a little power transfer, but it’s a small pay-off for something you can happily ride in for hours, and at the end of the day continue to wear to the pub or skatebowl.


Matched up with the right pedals, the Trigger II shoes make an excellent all-round riding shoe for trails, dirt jumps and downhill. Where as stickier rubber shoes can overcompensate for poor performing pedals, the Trigger II shoes are very much part of a complete pedal/shoe combination. They feel great, ride well, provide good ankle support and protection, and look cool too.

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This review was in Issue 36 of IMB.

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By James Cornford

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