DZR Shoes Sense Pro  2015 Mountain Bike Review

DZR Shoes Sense Pro 2015

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At A Glance

Stylish leather kicks that look better than most flat pedal shoes and have some great features!

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Not only have the Sense shoes got sticky rubber dimpled soles and reflective detailing, but they are also customisable for your feel through the pedals, hence the name Sense! The DZR’s come with two mid soles, a soft pliable one fitted as standard and hard mid sole to give you maximum power transfer.

On The Trail

With the standard soft mid soles fitted, the Sense shoes are really comfortable, as at home off the bike, as they are on it - especially for the big push back up the hill! That climbing prowess is thanks to the toe and heel sections of the sole. Divided into three, the front and rear of the sole are designed for the climb - and the push.

The mid section is all about the ride, with the chain link styled sticky rubber giving us much grip on the pedals as any waffle shoe I’ve ridden, gripping the pins with great effect.

Swap the mid soles out to the hard version and the shoes transform. No longer quite so pleasant on the push up, the hard soles turn the Sense shoes into the ultimate flat pedal race shoe and when you are racing, the push back up is the least important job your shoe does!

Stiffening the soles loses a bit of the feel through the pedals, but really does help increase the transfer of power.


A great flat pedal shoe with two personalities, fit the soft mid soles for all day riding and a night out on the town, then swap them out for the hard soles on race day, to really put the power down!

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This review was in Issue 36 of IMB.

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By James Cornford

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