Vaude Moab Women Pro 18 2018 Mountain Bike Review

Vaude Moab Women Pro 18 2018

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At A Glance

Vaude have successfully created an extremely functional trail pack, designed specifically for the female rider. The Moab Women’s Pro boasts 18 litres of storage space able to hold all you could need for a long day on the trails. Although the design is fairly simple, Vaude have definitely not scrimped. The Moab comes equipped with some much sought-after features, including a back protector, rain cover and a helmet carry to name but a few.

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It's also worth noting the little green label attached to the Moab Women Pro pack. Vaude have a series of products that proudly sport this label indicating that the products have been made from sustainable materials, under fair working conditions. This eco-friendly approach is something the company are consistently trying to apply to an increasing number of products their range, and we like the fact this pack is one of them.

On The Trail

Having used many different riding packs, I can honestly say that this is the first one which I have found to be truly comfortable. The fit is outstanding, allowing you to forget about the bag and concentrate on the job in hand, without it niggling at the back of your mind for the duration of the ride.

The waist belt is particularly worth noting, with its secure yet adjustable design. The padded belt is wide and stretchy enough that it really allows you to get strapped in, providing optimum stability on the roughest terrain. In addition to this, the length of the bag can be adjusted from the hip belt in order to adapt to the height of the rider. In this case, one size really does fit all!

Although on paper, the Moab is not comparably lighter than its competitors of the same size, when it’s on your back, it has a genuinely lightweight feel. This may be down to more effective weight distribution as a result of the substantial hip belt. Either way, it doesn’t leave you with aching shoulders after a long day on the bike.

Vaude have successfully embedded organisation into their design, with the Moab boasting many handy features that would otherwise leave us at a loose end. It comes fitted with an integrated back protector which is intentionally lightweight and not overly stiff, providing that extra bit of valuable protection without economizing on comfort.

The functionality of the bag really comes into its own with the handy external storage features. A detachable compartment has been designed specifically for the purpose of tool organisation. When a mechanical arises, it’s a relief if your kit can be located with ease, without having to empty the contents of your bag in the hunt for the precious multi-tool.

The large outer pocket is perfect for anything you need to keep close to hand, such as a map or knee pads. Additionally, the detachable tool compartment doubles up as a perfect pouch to hastily stash away a jacket.

Did I mention the helmet holder? Perfect for those summer hike-a-bikes, this attachment allows you to air off your lid while you tackle the hot climb ahead of you. When all’s said and done though, this biking business gets to be pretty thirsty work. You needn’t worry, because the Moab has that covered too! It is compatible with the majority of hydration systems and can comfortably accommodate a 3-litre bladder.

There were only a couple of minor niggles I had with this backpack. Unlike the majority of other bags I have used, this one wasn’t equipped with a padded glasses compartment or hip belt pockets. Both of these are features that I use regularly. Of course it's personal preference, but I feel that they would have seriously benefitted the Moab. In addition to this, considering many women strongly value ‘chest comfort’ when choosing a rucksack, I expected the sternum strap to be slightly more generous. Even after fully slackening it off, I still found it to be somewhat on the snug side. They weren't major factors that detracted from the comfort of the bag, just smalls things that were noted could have made a great pack even better.


This is the first rucksack that I have genuinely enjoyed wearing, which makes a pleasant change to my usual bag-avoiding attitude. It’s sufficiently spacious, without being bulky, which in turn has kept the weight to a minimum. This bag is a great choice for any female rider looking for some added protection and comfort for those long days out in the saddle.

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By Andrea Griffiths
Having sensibly moved to the mountains for university, Andrea quickly discovered the world of mountain biking, and rapidly fell in love with it. Not looking back, she has since explored the finest trails and sought out adventures on two wheels wherever she has travelled. As long as she's riding bikes, she is happy.

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