Dakine Amp 12L  2012 Mountain Bike Review

Dakine Amp 12L 2012

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At A Glance

We’re big fans of Dakine backpacks here at IMB so we were very excited when the Amp turned up on our doorstep. The Amp is a compact bag with 12 litres of available storage as well as a three-litre bladder system.

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On The Trail

Being a compact bag the Amp only has one large compartment, but we counted an incredible seven additional pockets to help keep everything separate. There are a lot of small touches with the Amp that made a big impression on us. For instance the zip on the main compartment undoes right the way down to the bottom of the bag, allowing you to see everything that you’ve packed in without having to take anything out. Pretty handy when you’re desperately trying to find that puncture repair kit you stashed away months ago.

Obviously the shoulder straps are adjustable, but you can also adjust the height on the chest straps, allowing you to get the perfect fit. The hip straps are nicely padded, but if you don’t think you going to need them you can just tuck them away so they don’t get in the way when you’re riding.

What else? Well, the back panel is nice and comfy with plenty of ventilation, there’s a waterproof cover you can strap on to keep all your stuff dry when it’s chucking it down with rain, and Dakine even found space for a helmet mount.

The reservoir itself can be taken in and out of the bag without you ever having to remove the drink tube, which is kept in place by a smart clip on the should straps. It uses the Hydrapak Shape Shifter bladder, which incorporates a baffle to ensure the bladder won’t balloon. You can pull the baffle apart to enable you to turn the bladder inside out for cleaning. It’s clever stuff!

We’ve been extremely impressed with the Amp, which has now become our bag of choice whenever heading out on a shorter ride or for a quick play on the bike.

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This review was in Issue 15 of IMB.

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