Yeti Coolers Rambler Bottle / Mug 2022 Mountain Bike Review

Yeti Coolers Rambler Bottle / Mug 2022

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At a glance

The Rambler mug is a stainless steel insulated mug with a lid. The Rambler bottle is a stainless steel, insulated bottle.

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About the brand

YETI is a household name in the USA for many years. Recently they started a global takeover and entered other markets. Originally, YETI started making coolers in 2006, after brothers Roy and Ryan Seiders kept on having disappointing experiences with other coolers on their fishing and camping trips. They set out to make a cooler whose handle didn’t break off, and lasted longer than just one year.

Over time they’ve expanded their range to bags, mugs, bottles, transport cases and other outdoor equipment.

Besides building extremely durable products, we couldn’t find anything mentioned on their sustainability goals and practices.

The product

Performance and durability are the only things that matter in all of the YETI products, and it’s not hard to notice either. Both the mug and the bottle just ooze quality when you have them in your hands. They’re not the lightest, and definitely not the cheapest either. But with YETI you definitely get a product that lasts.
Both mug and bottle have a double walled system vacuum to keep your liquids hot or cold. The cap on the bottle can be swapped out with a spout style cap, for easier drinking from the bottle.

The mug has a lid with a sliding latch to make sure only liquids go out when you want to, and both items are dishwasher safe.

Out on the trail

Technically, we didn’t use these items on the trail, but they sure made driving up to the trail and coming back from the ride a lot nicer. Even when working on this issue of IMB we had the pleasure of warm coffee, no matter if we drank it directly from the pot or if we got distracted with emails and phone calls.

The bottle is one of my favorite things I got this autumn. A warm beverage definitely makes the difference on a ride, or when coming back to the car.
The good thing about these is they are very solid, so unlike some of my other thermos bottles, I expect these to be leak free for years to come.

The only gripes I have are that the lid on the mug is not 100% watertight and that the bottle cap doesn’t have an integrated mug for easy drinking on the trail.


The YETI products are not cheap, but I am a big advocate for buying quality. Cry once and enjoy forever! The quality is amazing, and you’ll have warm (or cold) beverages for a long time to come. Definitely recommend.

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This review was in Issue 68 of IMB.

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