Wow! If ever there was a great short film to express the idea of ‘flow’ then it has to be this one. Stunning scenery, endlessly swooping trails and tricky, rock-laden descents combine to make Flow a great study of that amazing feeling we all strive to achieve when our senses align perfectly with the bike, the trail and the conditions. Harald Philipp takes us on a mini adventure into unknown mountain biking territory across Iceland, the Dolomites and the Austrian Alps. #MondayMotivation

“FLOW is the new live lecture by Harald Philipp. Whence comes the passion for mountain biking, which has not let go Harald for over 20 years! FLOW is a journey into the head of a fanatical mountain biker. In 10 short films we learn the most impressive bike regions of Europe. In Iceland we explore remote volcanic deserts and in the Dolomites we travel abysmal ferrata. In German forests we laugh at youthful folly and in an abandoned mountain village in the Maritime Alps we see deceleration. The multimedia presentation shows not only Haralds perspective on mountain biking, in FLOW every nature lover and even non-bikers can find. Flow-discoverer Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi researched the flow phenomenon in athletes and artists and used his knowledge to work more effectively and to make more fulfilling. From Haralds presentation can not only be taken bike motivation!”

Mon 8th Feb, 2016 @ 3:30 pm

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