The hawk-eyed among you may have spotted a stealth weapon undergoing testing at Crankworx, Rotorua last month. Daubed in ‘dazzle’ camouflage the new Canyon Sender CF was being put through its paces by none other than Fabien Barel and the Canyon Development Team. Here’s the news on this ninja bike from the future:


Canyon are calling it “the most advanced DH bike ever”

Draw The Line:

“To be the fastest, you have to get creative.” It was with this principal in mind that the Canyon Development Team set out to build an all-new thoroughbred downhill machine. With the performance to turn the racetrack into a blank canvas, their creation, the Sender CF, raises the bar to deliver the ultimate downhill racing platform.

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Fabien Barel has been instrumental in the Sender’s performance design

From experimenting with initial prototypes back in 2014 to the final pre-production shakedown at Crankworx New Zealand, the Canyon Development Team including triple DH World Champion, Fabien Barel, left no line unridden in pursuit of creating the most advanced downhill bike ever.


The Sender also comes in full colour (red and blue)

The Sender CF comes stacked with a whole host of innovative performance features. Its geometry is at the forefront of the modern approach and can be adapted to terrain and riding style with Geo Tune. The Triple Phase Suspension system guarantees next-level control while enabling the rider to build momentum at crucial points on track. A rock-solid construction means going big comes naturally, while clever noise-cancelling details across the frame ensure that the Sender CF delivers the stealthiest ride out on the hill.

Three models and a wide range of specs make up the Sender CF range. Canyon now also offers downhillers one of the broadest size ranges on the market, from S to XL, so riders of all dimensions can find the perfect fit.

The Sender CF is available to order right now exclusively at

Tue 5th Apr, 2016 @ 12:30 pm

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