Fabien Barel

Fabien Barel

Pro Rider

2 years ago

Isn't Fabien Barel a lucky man! Watch as we see his latest dream build meticulously put together by their world cup mechanic Lukas Grauel, a…

4 years ago

The new year has barely begun, and Canyon is already making a flying start to the 2019 season by announcing the latest generation of its…

5 years ago

They've been around for decades carrying competitors to victory in many cycling disciplines, you've seen their iconic yellow styling at countless Enduro and DH events…

6 years ago

Top tips on getting your bike dialed and in the best possible shape for riding - whatever your style - with the Enduro master, Fabien…

7 years ago

The hawk-eyed among you may have spotted a stealth weapon undergoing testing at Crankworx, Rotorua last month. Daubed in 'dazzle' camouflage the new Canyon Sender…

7 years ago

Get your flow on with Fabien Barel and Flo Nicolai alongside the Rocky-Urge BP Team as they test out the new Urge Archi Enduro RR…

7 years ago

Something tells me these guys have it pretty good when they have trails like this in their back yard! Fabien Barel and Florian Nicolai get…

7 years ago

'The Fab' journeys down under to suss out the trails and meet some locals as Canyon Bikes get their groove on in Australia and New…

7 years ago

Is this goodbye? As MTB riders go Fabien Barel is surely one of the greats. Committed, passionate, professional and one hell of a damn fast…

7 years ago

It looks like they had a whole heap of fun this year. Take a look back on the riders and winners of the 2015 Enduro…

7 years ago

Seriously, watch this if you want to ride Enduro like a pro. Relive the spills and thrills of the 2015 Enduro World Series with Specialized…

7 years ago

Ever wondered what it's like to be a pro mountain biker? Follow GMBN as they speak to four of the sport's biggest talents about stress,…

Issue 24

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9 years ago
Issue 17

We catch up with Fabien to find out his plans for the future after he famously quit the DH World Cup last year.

10 years ago

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