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Adam Brayton

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4 days ago

Built Tough 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 #fortus #gastoflatproof

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3 weeks ago

Cheers PMBA Enduro Series for an awesome weekend! The Hope Technology Ltd HB160 loved it! 💚

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2 months ago

Give this a blast in the Gym this week 💪🏼 Fit4Racing

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2 months ago

Me and Meg met these three today... Max Out in the Lake District

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Adam Brayton shared a post.
2 months ago

Bike Check on my Hope Technology Ltd Smothered Vitus Bikes E Sommet ⚡️ Electric Mountain Bike Network ⚡️

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2 months ago

I sat down with Tyler from a couple weeks ago for a quick chat about bikes!

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Adam Brayton shared a post.
2 months ago

⚡️ Crazy couple of days with Electric Mountain Bike Network 😬❄️😬 Check it out ⚡️

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2 months ago

Always nice getting a race plate on the HB160 💚 Welsh Enduro Series || Hope Technology Ltd

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2 months ago

Nukeproof day out at BikePark Wales ☢️

Mr Gas to Flat
Lake District
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3 months ago | 0:41

British company Hope Technology have updated their existing cranks to form the new EVO model - what better way to showcase them with a short…

3 months ago | 7:29

Get an eye full of the behind the scenes build edit of Adam Brayton's 2019 Nukeproof Dissent, finished with team green Hope parts and a…

3 months ago

You don't always have to agree to follow the norm and adhere to convention, why not dissent from the masses and go your own way.…

9 months ago | 7:49

A perfectionist's dream come true! Who knew watching a bike build could be so incredibly mesmerising?! Sit down and savour these seven and a half…

9 months ago

The rider line-up for the 2018 edition of Red Bull Hardline has been revealed, with the largest number of riders in the history of the…

2 years ago

It just gets tougher every year! Hard by name, hard by nature, Red Bull Hardline isn’t an event for the faint of heart. Returning to the…

2 years ago | 2:33

Freakin' YES! Don't be missing this tidy little compilation of raw footage as Adam Brayton takes the fresh new HB.160 nutter bike out for a…

3 years ago | 9:33

You won't want to miss this! Packed with enough full speed crashes and ballsy moves to sink a battleship this in depth Red Bull Hardline…

3 years ago | 03:27

Sweet Lord, this is good! Get a load of the sound of tyres on dirt as Hope Tech's Adam Brayton rides the new Hope Pro…

4 years ago

Who else is super excited about the DH World Cup returning? It's not long now and it's starting with a brand new venue to mix…

5 years ago | 5:55

Put the coffee on, check your emails and get your day started with an Alex Ranking edit featuring Adam Brayton and Nico Vink on Brayton's…

6 years ago | 4:59

No better way to start the day than with a nice bedtime story, or should that be end the day? Either way tails of roadies…

Issue 58

Clive Forth is on hand with the technique once again, this issue he is looking at going around corners with speed and style there is plenty more inside too!

1 month ago
Issue 54

Red Bull Hardline is selling spectator tickets at the moment, and we are getting excited, Rou Chater looks at how events like this and Rampage bring our sport to a wider audience and help it continue to grow.

11 months ago
Issue 50

From a hillside in Wales has emerged a monster. Created from the warped mind of Dan Atherton, Hardline is the toughest downhill course in the world. We catch up with Adam Brayton and Craig Evans and try to understand what it takes to survive the track.

2 years ago
Issue 46

Adam Brayton AKA Mr Gas to Flat; is a rider and racer of the highest calibre, but 2016 saw him crank it up a notch. Ewen Turner finds out how he did it, and discovers his overall fitness played a huge role!

2 years ago

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