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Emily Batty

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Emily Batty is with Shubham Nimbalkar and Beniwal Sunil.
Emily Batty is with Shubham Nimbalkar and Beniwal Sunil.
2 weeks ago

Making progress 👊.
📷 Matthew DeLorme Photography

Emily Batty is with Beniwal Sunil and Salvador FS.
Emily Batty is with Beniwal Sunil and Salvador FS.
3 weeks ago

The majestic land of Livigno☀️. Here (and somewhere tropical) seem to fill my soul with good energy.

Emily Batty is with Beniwal Sunil.
Emily Batty is with Beniwal Sunil.
3 weeks ago

If by bike ride you mean trudging through slush and snowy mountain passes, then yeah I’m in! 🙌 love it here Livigno

Emily Batty is with Beniwal Sunil and Sandeep Sharma.
Emily Batty is with Beniwal Sunil and Sandeep Sharma.
4 weeks ago

The past half year has been hard, but I think the clouds are starting to break. Thank you for everyone’s patience and sorry for the radio silence. This hasn’t been an easy journey after 11 years of constant improvements and having my best season ever in 2018, only to feel like I fell flat on my face and cracked wide open both mentally and physically.
Realistically I should have taken an extended break and came back to training, but when it’s my job, I can’t just not show up to work. I think that’s probably the most frustrating part - putting in the same amount, if not more work than ever and getting worse, and worse, and worse.
I’m not ready to talk about all the details and don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me or or anything like that, but I do want everyone to know we’re making some progress and doing our best to get back to my best and contesting for podiums & wins.
I appreciate everyone’s messages, love and kindness. So many people have reached out despite me not openly talking about anything. I think many of you could see the look on my face after crossing the finish line at those two World Cups... part of me secretly hoped that it would go ok and I reminded myself that my bad day was like a top 10, maybe worst day top 14, but after I crossed that finish line in Czech, I literally wanted to crawl under a rock. When I returned to my team tent with tears under my glasses and hiding my emotions as best I could only to find 200+ long line of people waiting for my autographs & photo. Kinda surreal.
I’m always humbled by the amazing people in this sport and how thoughtful & understanding everyone is. I have up and downs, good days & bad days... yeah when I’m on, I’m probably one of the best in the world but somewhere along the way I lost sight of some very important things that are major motivators for me.
Bit of a scattered message, but it’s been eating at me for not updating you with what’s going on. Please know I appreciate everyone rooting for me, sending messages, being there for me at the finish line and being in my corner despite not being able to perform the way I would like too right now. Love you all as always, Emily ❤️
📷 @redbull

Emily Batty is with Beniwal Sunil.
Emily Batty is with Beniwal Sunil.
2 months ago

Another shot next week in Czech. Really haven’t felt like myself all year so far... perhaps paying for last years efforts, but sometimes you gotta go down before you go back up. I’ll keep working on it fam. 📷 Matthew DeLorme Photography

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2 months ago

‪Before the first World Cup starts this weekend- watch this new video 🙌


Emily Batty is with Beniwal Sunil.
Emily Batty is with Beniwal Sunil.
2 months ago

New Rob Meets episode 🤗 check it out!
10+ years of training in Tucson and finally I get to show you some of my favourite spots that have helped me become a better athlete over the years. Like the many variables in the sport of mountain biking going under the radar, so to does what it takes to perform at the highest level. Check out the latest Rob Meets featuring the man, the myth, the legend, @robwarner970 and yours truly 💁‍♀️ Red Bull Bike

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2 months ago

Cyclic Keto Diet... WHAT I EAT IN A DAY! New RAW vlog post 🤗

Emily Batty posted a video
3 months ago

New Vlog! When I'm having the most success in my career is when it's the least fun because it takes sacrifice to be at the top level and 100% of everything I have to give leaving no time or energy for anything else in life. But it's not all bad and the satisfaction of overcoming challange pretty much always outweighs the tough times you must endure to conquer. In fact, it's been worth every drop of blood, sweat, and tears and the locations I've experienced combined with the people and relationships formed over the years has been ❤️❤️❤️ Hit the link in my bio to watch the latest 🎥☝️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZEfEmew-_g

Emily Batty is with Beniwal Sunil.
Emily Batty is with Beniwal Sunil.
3 months ago

We didn’t have much in the early years of childhood but looking back, to my two brothers, sister and I, we had everything. Everything that was important.
Hay bales to climb, forests to build real tree forts (dad was always picking up the hammer and nails left in the driveway 😂), real chores and obligations around the house and farm, a real scenes of belonging. Even this 50cc ArcticCat snowmobile Santa brought in 89’ (I guess this is why I was never a “ball sport” kinda gal LOL)
Whether we realize it or not, don’t forget to stop and take a moment to thank and appreciate the support that your parents do for you. Never take that for granted ❤️ #tbt

I aspire to be better everyday, one pedal stroke at a time. 2x Olympian, Pan-Am Gold, National Champion, MTB Athlete for @redbull & @trekfactoryracing
Emily Batty insight
TREK Factory World Cup Mountain Bike Race Team

2012 was another break through year for me. Reaching my first World Cup podium in South Africa placing 2nd. (4seconds off the win)
-consistent top 10s for all World Cups
-Being named to the Canadian Olympic women’s team
-4th place at France World Cup just 2weeks before Olympics
-Crashed in training on course in London where I encountered my first injury of my career/life. Only 75hours before the biggest race of my life, despite a freshly broken collar bone I decided I was going to complete what I had set out to do and compete at the Olympic games anyway. Placing a painful 24th of 30.

Canadian Olympian XC cycling.
-2012 Ranked 6th in World cups overall rankings
-2011 Ranked 8th in World Cups overall rankings

I was born and raised on a cattle farm in Brooklin (Durham) Ontario. I’m one of four siblings. Two older brothers and one younger sister,
All of which raced competitively at one time.
For me, it all started on Tuesday after school night group rides with my brothers at 3 Rocks(Durham Forrest) This is where I learnt to ride and my career began.

Engaged to my beloved fiancée (of 8yrs.)/coach of 4yrs.) Adam Morka (Trek Canada) whom I have to thank for blooming/training a “young talent” to the World Stage. He is truly the main reason I am where I am today.

2011 & 2012 SUBARU-TREAK
2010 Trek World Racing
2008& 2009 I raced for Trek Toronto Store

More insight:

8th 2011 World Championships Champery, Switzerland
8th Overall UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Standings
2011 Cyclocross National Champion
Winner 2011 Sea Otter Classic
Over 350,000+ press impressions a year at current emilybatty.com
2009 U23 Pan American Champion
6 Time Canadian National Champion
Featured Articles in the Globe&Mail and Toronto Star(400,000 circulation impressions)
8 Magazine Cover Pages since 2009-2011
Featured in main article of Explorer Mag, Canadian Cycling Mag, Mountain Bike Action and more
Named Top 30 Under 30 Athlete in Canada by Explorer Mag
Personal interests
Healthy living advocate

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