You’ve seen urban DH runs and witnessed the madness they bring, now get a load of this bonkers XC race through the Belgian city of Antwerp, taking in huge man made berms, racing through articulated truck trailers and generally making a mess of riders’ elbows and knees!

Antwerp Welcomes Urban Sports

Antwerp prepares to host City Mountainbike and welcomes the first day of the Belgian Championships Cross Country Eliminator. We can already confirm the arrival of current Belgian champion Fabrice Mels, who aims to defend his title for another year! We’re also excited to welcome 2016 Rio Olympian Ruben Scheire.

Yet again, there are plenty of prizes to win! There’s also a ‘citizens race’ being held for locals who can race amongst their friends. It doesn’t really matter whether your are professional or not. There’s a challenge out there for everyone! Kids are the first ones to show off their skills. As of 5 pm, riders can warm up on the race course.

As a regularity criterium, approved by UCI, it is the ideal occasion for mountainbikers to show off what they’ve got. The race course has everything for their needs!

In collaboration with Antwerp City Drops, the city of Antwerp will completely be transformed into pop-up locations where you can enjoy an international urban scene! Antwerp is not all about City Mountainbike but will also host the World Cup Trial and has several skate contests and BMX competitions on the menu! Come over this weekend and feel the vibe!

It promises to be an unforgettable day for both young and old!

Tue 20th Sep, 2016 @ 9:30 am

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