Here’s some mild #HubPorn for your Sunday viewing pleasure – a real specialist piece of singlespeed hardwear for those of you with a fetish for cranking hard and tearing your legs off on the climbs. Don’t even get us started on the fixie riders…

“Reel Pro Singlespeed is a professional single speed hub. This hub is available with 10T or 13T driver with 6 pawls system and 72 engagement points. Perfect choice for dirt jumping, slopestyle or street.”

“13T driver is an ideal solution for MTB cranks with 32-34T chainrings. Szymon Godziek is using this set in his 26Player with a carbon MTB cranks.”

“The hub is equipped with 4 highest quality sealed bearings with custom selected Mobile waterproof grease and custom designed full contact seals with Dartmoor logo for the best mud and dust protection.”

Sun 15th Jan, 2017 @ 12:30 am

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