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2 years ago

Piotrek Krajewski and Antek Faszczewski just finished their video for Dartmoor Bikes with some proper hits at Bikepark Chatel. These Dartmoor Thunderbirds FR (27.5 wheels…

2 years ago

Give a warm welcome to Dartmoor Bikes new team Olaf Odziomek! Olaf decided to ride Thunderbird CF equipped with Öhlins suspension and assembled in Bike…

3 years ago

Everybody knows the Hornet, king of the hardtails on 27.5-inch wheels. But now Hornet family has a new member – Hornet 26. True superhero designed…

5 years ago

The ultimate family friendly MTB event! There really is something for everyone, whatever your age. Why not get involved next summer at Pivot TwentyFour12 2019?!

6 years ago

Proper bikes for kids! It's great to see Dartmoor Bikes taking the junior market seriously with a pair of well specc'd rides, the Hornet Jr…

7 years ago

Missing the sunshine? Get your summer mojo back with some #MondayMotivation from sunny Spain. Jan Kiliński's got a DH weapon, a GoPro and a prime…

7 years ago

Here's some mild #HubPorn for your Sunday viewing pleasure - a real specialist piece of singlespeed hardwear for those of you with a fetish for…

7 years ago

A bit of mild #BikePorn for your weekend enjoyment. We're just going to leave you two alone for a while and let you get to…

7 years ago

It's official; snoods are in this winter season. What's more; no-one can call you a fatty if you're riding plus-sized tyres, it's just not PC.…