Piotrek Krajewski and Antek Faszczewski just finished their video for Dartmoor Bikes with some proper hits at Bikepark Chatel. These Dartmoor Thunderbirds FR (27.5 wheels and alu frames) will hit the market in 2022, so they wanted to make sure the bikes are ready for smashing berms, transfers and steez.

“Piotrek has been slaying big jumps for over 15 years all around the world under Dartmoor Bikes banner. Yet, it took some time to have a bike, which pushed harder and felt just right to send it. Him and his new teammate Antek Fasczewski know each other from digging and riding the dirt jump paradise of BikePark Kazoora, Poland. Still, they went to test a big bike like Thunderbird FR for a trip to the French’s Bikepark Chatel. Chatel is a world-class place to hit freeride lines of Nico Vink creations and feel if the bikes are ready for the job. Are they? Watch how these bikepark ready prototypes play, and judge by yourself!” – Mateusz Szachowski

Riders: Piotrek Krajewski @piotrek_krajewski
Antek Faszczewski @antek_faszczewski
Video: Mateusz Rathe @dzielny.pacjent_
Photos: Mateusz Szachowski @szachimat
Location: Bikepark Chatel

Tue 5th Oct, 2021 @ 9:30 pm

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