Hold on to your undies ‘cos this sh*t just got real. Stop everything! Watch this! Go! You’ve seen the teaser, now check out the full Vink Line experience in all its full-on glory – a trail designed to both help develop newer riders’ skills and be an absolute ripper of a ride for those with the necessary skills.

When the guys began designing the new track, they wanted a super fun trail that anyone could ride, and that everyone could progress on. They wanted to build a line on which riders can test themselves and improve, but that is still on a track that is built for incremental progress. You don’t have to go from the little table straight to the road gap.

They also wanted to build a trail that tweaked some familiar features and might give riders a fresh perspective. Take for example our humble bermed turn. While, it’s true, some of the turns on the Vink line fulfill all of the speed scrubbing re-directing duties of any normal berm in the world, some of these berms are wall-riding monsters with near pants-shitting g-outs. Even the expected features are delightfully maniacal on this family-friendly/test-pilot worthy adventure.

So take the lift up, put on your grown up pants, close your eyes and GO. But first, take a minute to allow Nico, VinnyT, and Kristof to show you exactly what the Vink line is all about.

Video filmed and edited by Shaperideshoot.
Music: Outlaw by Luke Atencio. Licensed through Musicbed.
Text by Mike Sakas.

Full article with pictures at http://www.shaperideshoot.com

Tue 4th Jul, 2017 @ 9:30 am

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