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Hassle'Off Multi Tool

Carnage! Just what in the flip is going on here? Cedric Gracia and chums just invented a new game of cat and mouse, but on bikes – the only thing missing is fire balls and jumping over shark-infested water, it’s all kicking off!

“Still going crazy in the bike park with the boys : Pierre Edouard Ferry aka PEF, Bryan Regnier, Yannick Granieri, and the rest of the crew which joined along the way.

“We invented a crazy race, which turned into a real madness. The run becomes a high speed chase, mixing up pure freeride in the woods with nice bike park tracks. It’s fast, it’s fun, and very dangerous.”

Let me remind you the rules of Carnage DH:
– Get a bunch of mtb nut cases in a bike park
– Pick a leader (we used dices)
– Leader must follow the official trail
– Chasers are allow to cut the track, in order to catch up with the leader
– Once a chaser passes the leader, he becomes leader and can’t cut the track anymore
– Race ends at the bottom of the track (if anyone is still alive)

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Sat 9th Jun, 2018 @ 12:30 pm

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