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GO3 Camera by Insta360

Check out this brilliant bit of footage, courtesy of Fabric! Complete with all the good 50:01 vibes and combined with the wonder of Whistler! If you’ve got half an hour spare, just press play and enjoy!

Where to even begin with this one. A couple of high energy woodlams from Sheffield getting to jet across the Atlantic to go roll with some of the most OG dudes out there. After riding for 6 years the amount of times I have been told to go or told about or told about and then told to go to Whistler is probably exceeding the number of trees in the local forest. There had always been things that had stopped the trip over in the past, usually the fact that it costs twice as much for half the time compared to the Alps. But due to an email from Loosedawg that somehow convinced the crew at Fabric that it would be a good idea to take me along for the ride this year it was finally happening. Mad appreciation to both Loosedawg and Fabric for the opportunity, I also thought it would be a really good idea for someone to pay for me to go to Whistler. From the get go the crew vibes were all time, me and Rankin had our own little spot where the main activities were eating bagels and drinking tea on the back porch waiting for the queues at the park to die down. The bagels were strong. Then just up the road was the SC house, where Alan and and his family had created the most peaceful of abodes for there extended family aka the SC enduro team. Alan and his family really are the salt of the earth, always giving their time to others with nothing but a smile. Every night beautiful meals would be cooked for everyone and then on morning where bikes weren’t being fixed Mary (Alans Wife) would run an hour long Yoga session that would leave you feeling like you had just ate 3 bagels. A few days into the trip, an unfortunate poke of reality brought us back beneath the clouds for a while when Rat took a big one in the EWS and fucked his shoulder up. After weighing up the situation and talking to the crew, Rat decided it would be best for him to get back to the UK where he could rest and rehab the injury properly as well as receive the wonderful gift of free healthcare that the NHS is still providing. (For now.) It hurt, Rat is the man that keeps the smiles rolling regardless of the situation, calm and collected he sees the positive in everyone and everything and manages to bring that energy out of all beings. We felt a man down without him but knew he would want us to go harder than ever to make up for his absence so that is what we tried to do. There were a number of times over the rest of the trip where me and loose would be saying ‘lets go fucking get it for rat!’. So even without his physical presence his energy was always there. A couple of days later and a new body rolls into town to join the crew for a few days. I knew who it was but couldn’t really believe it. John Cardiel, if you don’t know you don’t deserve to know and go get educated. Shit was crazy, the energy couldn’t be contained, the next few days were amazing. Me, loose, Rankin and John going out to get it, screams, laughs, slams, more screams, more laughs, more slams, it was too much fun to even describe. The only thing that could have added to those days was Rat being there for them too. Cardiel’s energy and enthusiasm for the session gave a whole new perspective on overcoming difficulties and making shit happen when the cards are against you. Like this guy isn’t making the most of a bad situation, he is just making amazing shit happen. He is that fucking gnarly, you ain’t watching him ride like yeah that’s gnarly for a guy in his situation. You are just like that is straight up gnarly! When lower body paralysis doesn’t stop someone from getting out and sending it then what is? Fucking nothing mate! Maybe death, but probably not. Before I round this overly long and emotional description up I would just like to give a quick shout out to Crankworx for holding such a sick event that brings so many rad people together. For me it was almost like going to event that gave you Bipolar, rolling down dirt merchant with all the big dawgs smiling from cheek to cheek to suddenly being sat in an half hour long que in a hot and dusty environment with far too many people around. I fucking loved hating it! A roller coaster for sure, just make sure you keep the bagels flowing. Right I think that’s it, thanks again to everyone who made this possible for me it is honestly a dream come true. Thanks to Fabric for getting me over there and putting me up with Rankin and everything else they helped me with on a daily basis during the trip. Biggest of big ups to Alan and his family for there all round radness, generosity and good vibes and for keeping me rollin day in day out. Crazy inspiring to see such a sick family killing it at all aspects of life. AC you are the man! Thanks to Loose and Rat for the endless opportunities you give me, the wisdom on keeping shit fun and just being two of the sickest mofos to hang with, fucking love ya boys!

Soundtrack by Need For Mirrors http://www.needformirrors.com

Sun 30th Sep, 2018 @ 6:30 pm

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