Not to be confused with the lengthy prose by John Milton, this is Lost Paradise by Edgar Hans and Elliot Lapotre, an experiment in never letting the camera relax! Check it out…

This year I managed to do what I always had in mind. Guillaume, who is one of my best friends from Les Vosges, helped me dig this little bikers paradise on his land.

We created a run that corresponds the most with my style. You will see dirt jumps, downhill and a BMX race track but all with a bike with full suspension.

This mix on this terrain was perfect to express myself in my own way, on the new CLASH bike from COMMENCAL. For this edit, we wanted to make some really creative images. The idea was to play on this lost track in the middle of the Vosgien forest, it was like a dream for me, anything could be achieved. We only had to think about the best way to capture all the action. For that we tried to capture camera movements during all the sequences to make each picture more powerful.

There is only one static shot in the piece. That was also the first time we’ve used my DIY cable camera in slow motion, this tool is really cool but is was pretty difficult to be in the right place at the right time…

It was really a great experience, so here we go again for new projects!

Wed 12th Dec, 2018 @ 3:30 am

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