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GO3 Camera by Insta360

It’s fair to say that not all eBikes are made equal when it comes to looks! But Commencal may have just hit the nail squarely on the head when it comes to droolable eBike design. Check out what the Commencal team themselves had to say about the new Meta Power range of eMTBs…

GO3 Camera by Insta360

Win a GO3 Camera by Insta360 this issue in our FREE subscriber prize draw.

GO3 Camera by Insta360

It seemed inconceivable for us to have one without the other. The Meta Power range is now composed of two platforms: the 29 and the SX (in 27.5). The name SX refers to the legendary Commencal platform which has always been known for its downhill capabilities.

The Power SX is the fiery Power of the range. A bike made to make maximum laps on-board, smash berms, jump high and shred the steep parts of any track!

The Power 29 is pure performance. A beast on technical climbs with a disconcerting downhill ability. It’s an ally to the person who climbs for their descents. It will help the rider through difficult sections which makes it easier to find flow in places there shouldn’t be any!

For 2020, the Meta Power goes internal on the battery front, but this is not the only evolution. Far from it in fact. Thanks to the introduction of an internal Shimano battery with compact dimensions, we were able to work on a highly redesigned platform that conserves what makes the Meta Power’s DNA.

This Power is above all a Meta!

The BM-E8035 (the model code for this new Shimano battery) allows us to maintain a satisfactory weight distribution, a key point in relation to keeping a bike dynamic and easy to manoeuvre in any circumstances.

Because of the battery’s low position on/in the down tube, we use a long shock with a large stroke to vary the progressiveness of our suspension system.

In concrete terms, the Meta Power has a controlled progressivity. This results in two main major characteristics:

  • The bike is dynamic, it’s easy to move and provides a very good feeling of tyre-to-ground contact.
  • The bike is comfortable during the suspension travel.
  • There is no hard/stiff point, the movement happens smoothly and naturally without consuming too much.

When we decided to create a motorized version of our Meta, the first thought in terms of the specs was clear; keep the DNA of our bikes. Simply put, a fun bike which is as comfortable and powerful uphill as it is downhill.

To achieve this, we had to find an electrical-assisted system which synced with our frame. We chose a Shimano engine for its technical strengths and reliability. Technically, the Shimano system is excellent. Its capability, engine management and shape are the main pluses.

The compact engine allows us to make a mountain bike as we understand it here at Commencal; with a geometry and kinematic that are not compromised by the size of the engine itself.

The reliability of our bikes is our priority and again the Shimano system scores points. The Japanese giant has a reputation for reliability and the many service centres available around the world are helpful for a smoother after-sales service experience.

The behaviour of the Meta Power is as good on the uphills as it is on the downhills. An excellent suspension system is nothing without equally excellent geometry.

More than a fashion or trend, lengthening the front of our bikes meets a need for stability and grip during turns. Progress made on the suspension and the chassis are such that the speeds achieved require this readjustment.

The seat tube angle is very straight. The electrical assistance enables the ability to climb slopes that would be impossible to climb with a conventional bike. Thanks to this new angle, steep and technical climbs are less tiring. The front wheel remains in contact with the ground more easily and so efforts to attempt to keep the front wheel on the ground are less of a big deal. We conserve this energy to be able to pedal harder, for longer, or to send it a little more downhill.

Thu 27th Jun, 2019 @ 3:30 am

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