The all-new 4th generation Bosch eMTB motor has been eagerly awaited while being tested for months in secret – smaller, lighter, stronger and quieter are the four words that sum it up. At 2.9 kg, the motor is one of the lightest on the market, but with 75 Nm of torque, it is also one of the most powerful. Specifically designed MTB software along with improved efficiency result in the ultimately the finest responding mountain bike motor on the market.

Nicolai do much more than simply take the Bosch motor off the shelf and bolt it into a frame, like the existing EBOXX, the motor has been properly integrated. It is protected from trail damage by a forged aluminium structure. Meanwhile, we have developed an air guide on the new Nicolai G1-EBOXX to ensure that air can circulate and the motor doesn’t overheat, even on the longest and steepest climbs. The range has been extended by 25%, thanks to the internal 625Wh BOSCH Powertube battery that can be removed from below.

The Nicolai G1-EBOXX is anything but a standard mass produced eMTB , but a high-end product exactly engineered to meet customer requirements. With the 150 kg weight limit and five frame sizes, every rider will find their perfect Nicolai eMTB. It has been developed, manufactured, and tested by 20 Nicolai employees at the new location in Leinebergland, Northern Germany.

The completely redesigned frame has a modular design and can be fitted with 27.5″ or 29″ wheels. Our modular design makes this possible by changing the headset and fitting different screw in elements which we call mutators. The round, high-strength 7020 aluminium tubes define the classic Nicolai look.

In the “E14” version, the Nicolai G1-EBOXX is equipped with the durable GATES belt in conjunction with the almost indestructible Rohloff hub.

“It goes without saying that Nicolai only selects very high quality components for the complete bike. Exactly the ones we have tested and also continue to use ourselves. In other areas of performance, we continue today with our so-called Geolution geometry for increased safety, traction, and speed, in all riding situations.”

– Kalle Nicolai

  • G1 EBOXX QLFLINE : 7299,00€
  • G1 EBOXX E14 : 9199,00€

Wed 19th Jun, 2019 @ 9:30 pm

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