Connected navigation and more secure eBike parking thanks to the first expansion of the new system generation

– eBike Flow app and SmartphoneGrip bring the world of digital services to the handlebar
– New routes can be discovered thanks to the navigation function in the eBike Flow app
– eBike Lock turns the smartphone into a digital key
– Rides and achievements can easily be shared with komoot and Strava communities

With the latest innovations, Bosch eBike Systems continues to develop its smart system and provides users with additional functions for eBikes. These can be easily downloaded via the eBike Flow app. Moreover, the eBike Flow app in conjunction with the SmartphoneGrip opens up a new eBike experience: The smartphone becomes the connected control centre on the handlebar, bringing everyday digital life to the eBike.

“With the smart system, we have created the basis for tomorrow’s eBike mobility. This first update shows the potential of the new system generation: In conjunction with the smartphone and the eBike Flow app, new functions are continuously being added to the eBike – and the physical experience on the eBike is thus increasingly linked to the digital one,” says Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems.

Even more flow before, during and after rides
In future, eBikers will be able to decide before the ride whether they want to rely on the Kiox 300 display or whether they prefer to attach their smartphone to the handlebar using the new SmartphoneGrip. In conjunction with the eBike Flow app, the rider’s smartphone becomes a display. Kiox 300 and the SmartphoneGrip use the same mount and interface, making it easy and convenient to switch between the two options. All relevant ride data – such as speed, battery charge level and remaining range – are displayed on the ‘Ride Screen’ of the eBike Flow app on the smartphone. This can be controlled safely and intuitively via the LED Remote while keeping both hands on the handlebar. The smartphone can also be charged wirelessly or by cable when riding.

With the new eBike Flow app navigation function, eBikers can plan the ideal route to their destination – and use their smartphone as a display to discover new things along the way. The route suggestions are matched with individually selectable route profiles such as daily rides, leisure rides or eMTB trails. The map display is also optimised for the respective route profile. In the city, for example, buildings in 3D view facilitate orientation, while detailed route information provides details of elevation and route characteristics during weekend excursions. Additional messages on the map also indicate points of interest such as bicycle stores or charging stations.
If users record their ride data with the eBike Flow app, once linked, this data is automatically transferred to the komoot or Strava apps. After reaching the destination, rides and successes can then be shared with the personal community.

Carefree eBike parking thanks to eBike Lock
At the end of a ride, the eBike can now be parked in a more carefree and secure manner: The free eBike Lock function serves as additional theft protection to the mechanical lock. Once set up via the eBike Flow app, the smartphone becomes a digital key. Only when the system recognises the associated smartphone, in a bag or rucksack for example, via Bluetooth, is the motor support automatically enabled when the eBike is switched on. This means that in the event of theft, the motor support is absent. As with many central locking systems in cars, the drive unit can optionally emit a sound when eBike Lock is activated. The relevant status can also be easily recognised via the display and LED remote.

Those who then want to use the Kiox 300 display again instead of the smartphone for their next ride can also look forward to updates here: The status bar can be customised before the ride to keep important data such as charge level, time or speed in view at all times. In addition, when starting up, the screen shows whether the additional anti-theft eBike Lock is active and if a connection has been established with the smartphone.

The SmartphoneGrip and the new features are now available for all eBikes with the smart system from Bosch eBike Systems. In future, further new solutions and products for the smart system will follow – for more riding enjoyment, more comfort and more safety.

The new products and updates at a glance:
– SmartphoneGripAllows smartphones to be used as an eBike display with the eBike Flow app, bringing the world of digital services to the handlebar.
– Charges the smartphone when riding – via wireless charging (if supported) or via cable.
– Full modularity: Free choice between smartphone with SmartphoneGrip or the Kiox 300 display.
– Firm hold thanks to innovative and robust grip concept (not suitable for jumps or drops over 15cm high).
– The SmartphoneGrip can hold smartphones of the following sizes: length: 123-175 mm, width: 67-88 mm, height: 6.8-13 mm. Maximum weight: 276 grams. The specified dimensions also apply with covers (flip covers or case covers must not be used).

New features in the eBike Flow app
– Update via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
– Ride Screen clearly displays all information when riding, using the smartphone as display.
– Additional theft protection thanks to free eBike Lock function.
– Navigation function for the smartphone with various route profiles.
– Recorded activities in the eBike Flow app can be shared with komoot and Strava.
– The eBike Flow app is now also available in Italian, Dutch and Spanish.

Kiox 300
– Customisable status bar.
– Display of eBike Lock status.

Tue 12th Apr, 2022 @ 9:30 pm

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