Tioga officially introduces the Edge 22, a front-specific tyre with instant cornering edge engagement and double the cornering bite.

When it comes to cornering, two cornering edges are better than one. Current designs rely primarily on the side knobs for cornering, which work best only when lean angles go above a particular range. However, considering that gaining cornering edge engagement as soon as you enter the corner is always beneficial, we created a tread that grabs early and keeps holding over a broader range of lean angles.

The original design retains the familiar side knob placement but realigns the middle tread to create the necessary spacing to add accessible cornering edges in the center that work together with the sides to amplify cornering grip.  Without adequate center spacing, or with knobs occupying the middle, cornering edge engagement of the central knobs will either be very slight or none at all.  The Edge 22’s design pays off with central knobs that hook up instantly upon entering a corner, and once the lean angle reaches the critical range, the side edges kick in. Along with the center, both edges dig into the terrain simultaneously for twice the cornering bite.  The Edge 22 indeed locks in early and stays locked in—Tioga test riders find themselves not hunting for grip mid-cornering by exaggerating their lean angles, or feeling moments of vagueness before the knobs hook up.

It’s OK to be brake happy.  The shape and positioning of Edge 22 knobs provide plenty of power to reign in control. The two rows of central knobs align within the tyre’s contact patch, where plenty of accessible braking edges are ready to slow you down.  Additionally, while the leading edge ramp on each knob enhances rolling smoothness, during braking, the ramps shift to reinforce each knob, preventing the knobs from buckling under load for precise and reliable braking performance. Combined, the Edge 22 has ample front-end stopping power at the ready.

The Edge 22 comes in two casing options: Magnum120 and FlexGrid60. Magnum120 is a lightweight 120 TPI carcass reinforced with a thin bead-to-bead protection layer covering the sidewalls and under the tread. FlexGrid60 is a robust 60 TPI casing with a thicker cut and abrasion protection inserted within its sidewalls. Both will have Synergy Dual Compound Rubber with softer durometer on the sides for better conformity and harder in the center for lower rolling resistance.



Tue 25th Jun, 2019 @ 9:30 pm

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