Three rad dudes, three fast bikes, one hell of a season: Since David Trummer has been kicking ass at the latest World Cup races, voices have been getting louder asking who this guy is and where he’s been all the time. The “Team Racing Dudes” sponsor YT is happy to shed some light on the matter by introducing David and his team mates:

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Erik Irmisch, Johann Potgieter and David Trummer are Team Racing Dudes, they’re competing at World Cups and other high profile downhill races around the world onboard the YT Industries TUES 29. Erik and Johann have been travelling the world and racing as Team Racing Dudes for five years now. In January, they decided to extend their roster recruiting reigning Austrain Downill Champion, David Trummer. Another team member is Lars Diedenhofen, founder of 70ID, who supports the team as a mechanic and with his painting skills. Lars was the man behind the custom YT frames for Rampage in 2018 and is THE MAN when it comes to custom paint jobs, as shown by the frames of the Racing Dudes. Hope you enjoy the video!

Wed 10th Jul, 2019 @ 12:30 am

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