Worth a watch this Wednesday afternoon! Follow Antoine Buffart as he descends all the way from summit to village in Chatel taking in some pretty creative lines!

With the “In Reach” shorts, we hoped to better highlight the locations and riders that you may have missed from full length feature by Shaperideshoot. Stay tuned for more.

The second episode features Antoine Buffart showing a lot of creativity inside and outside of Châtel Bikepark. For the video. he rode from the top of Chésery peak all the way down to the village, mixing together along the way downhill, freeride and a bunch of trials moves.

“In Reach” was shot on location at Châtel, Retallack and Nelson with a crew consisting of Nico Vink, Vinny T, Andrew Neethling, Kyle Jameson, Antoine Buffart and Alex Volokhov. This full feature was a long-time dream come true for the crew at Shaperideshoot. It is their vision of what mountain biking is and what the sports represents to them.

It’s all about doing the right things for the right reasons, hanging out in the woods with the boys and overall having fun no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re on a bike, behind a camera or holding a shovel, do what you love the most and do it for you first. Keep challenging yourself and happiness will be in your reach!

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Wed 14th Aug, 2019 @ 3:30 pm

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