The 1/1 Ultralite Carbon pairs the value friendly 1/1 hub chassis with lifetime warranty backed carbon hoops

Simple. Speed. That pair of attributes are the guiding principles of Industry Nine’s latest wheel offering, the 1/1 Ultralite Carbon. Simplicity comes by way of our remarkably dependable 1/1 hubs, and the no-frills, unassuming approach shared by all 1/1 series wheels. The speed is courtesy of our Ultralite 25mm wide carbon rim, laced with 24 conventional Sapim Sprint butted spokes. The end result is a 1440g, lifetime warranty-backed wheelset ready to start attacking big climbs and recording long miles.

The 1/1 UL Carbon is available in two nearly identical packages – one focused on drop bar riding and the other built for modern XC mountain bikes. What’s the difference? Simply the hub spacing. Same carbon rims, same Sapim Sprint spokes, same 1/1 hubs providing positive engagement every four degrees.

Designed to turn everyday into race day while still playing nice with a Privateer’s budget, complete wheelsets are offered to riders for $1,600 MSRP.

Thu 14th Apr, 2022 @ 9:30 am

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