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Peaty's Complete Bicycle Cleaning Kit

We have all landed at the final stop on the UCI DH World Cup 2022 tour and The Syndicate is ready to go. VDS is definitely a  favourite, so we are pretty excited for this to be the final hurrah!

Today’s video is another one of the pit games:

“You can’t be good at everything, ARR Lass”

There isn’t always a lot going on on pit set-up day and we don’t want the riders to spend all day enjoying themselves and riding their bikes, so we make them do challenges they really don’t want to do.

For the final one of the year, we wanted to see who had a strong Picasso game. Nina Hoffmann and Laurie Greenland go head-to-head in a little drawing challenge.

Turns out Loz ain’t half bad at a scribble….Nina, on the other hand doesn’t need to quit the day job just yet.

Thu 1st Sep, 2022 @ 3:30 am

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