In ‘Video Game’ Fabio Wibmer transports us to an alternate reality with him starring as the main character in a unique film combing jaw-dropping bike action with gamification.

Fabio Wibmer has dropped his first major edit in more than two years – and it’s well worth the wait! The Austrian trials bike legend invites his audience into a world that is “very different from my other films” like Home Office or Wibmer’s Law.

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Inspired by a passion for video games and immersing himself in things that seemed far away from reality, Wibmer’s new release sees his unmistakable riding style mixed with elements from his favourite game.

Shot mainly in third person view, something that was extremely challenging, it’s made to feel like the audience are controlling Wibmer and directing him to his next destination in the French Riviera.

The video starts with him hurtling down a forest line in Innsbruck before hitting the dirt, a crash which forced him to pause releasing video projects for over a year due to the ankle and shoulder injuries he sustained.

Twelve months on, Wibmer made the Côte d’Azur his home for a spellbinding video unlike anything he’s ever released before.

Viewers see the Tirol native navigate dizzying heights, perform his trademark handlebar ride and stun members of the public with an array of tricks, speed, jumps and technical urban riding before ending with a pulsating downhill blast. “The individual scenes were very demanding and on top of that, I was not only on one bike, but on three completely different bikes that require different skill sets,” Wibmer says.

The 27-year-old added: “The scenes were much more complex than in my other videos. Helicopter, boat, the jump from the cliffs, the set-ups in the city for example. Another challenge was connecting the differing scenes with each other to create a smooth rhythm and flow.”

Accompanying the action is an eclectic soundtrack, audio interactions, game style transitions, loading bars, a clothes switch, a bike respray, and in-play menus to bring to life the feelings of being a character in a game.

No modes of transport were off-limits with Wibmer taking control of a boat, helicopter and a sports car alongside riding his bike.

Wibmer said: “It wasn’t easy to keep adjusting to the different bike disciplines during the shoot. My aim is to deliver my best possible performance at a high level in each discipline. That was a huge challenge from a sporting point of view.” “The motivation with this kind of project is to push myself, to find ways to make challenges work, even if it’s really difficult, until it’s done, and it works. The feeling when you get it right, that definitely motivates me.”

The three different bikes Wibmer rides in Video Game are:

Trial Bike – Canyon Stitched CFR FW (2 colorways in the film)
Jib/Enduro Bike – Canyon Spectral
Freeride Bike – Canyon Torque

Video Game was filmed over 50 days in a Côte d’Azur heatwave with temperatures consistently hitting up to 40 degrees Celsius.

The ‘Bunny Hop from Bench to Bench Thailwhip off’ was the most technical trick in the film and required the highest number of attempts.

The Austrian has previously released films such as Urban Freeride Lives, Home Office, Wibmer’s Law, and Fabiolous Escape.

Tue 8th Nov, 2022 @ 9:30 pm

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