Introducing the 2023 range of Mondraker bikes, the best range in the company’s history. Although 2023 offers the most complete and highest performing range of models the brand ever created, it doesn’t mean that Mondraker will stop developing, innovating or building on what was created over the past two decades. Mondraker is a brand known for producing high-quality and great riding machines that exceed rider expectations, and that’s something the brand is going to keep delivering on, year after year.

With 68 models in total, 2023 also offers Mondrakers largest range to date: 29 ebikes, 13 kid’s bikes and World Cup DH bikes all sit alongside urban and city bikes as once again the bar is raised considerably for the new season. The models also feature a range of patented technologies including Forward Geometry, Zero Suspension and MIND which maximize performance out on the trail or in an urban landscape.

Welcome to Mondraker 2023.


The original Mondraker Raze with the Stealth Air Carbon frame, presented in 2022 as ‘The Trail Master’, has been one of Mondrakers best sellers and one of the brands most successful models on the international market. That’s why offering the Raze in aluminum is a logical step forward as it’s one of the best performing models of the entire 2023 range.

Made from Stealth Aluminum, the new Raze Alloy series is comprised of two Trail bikes with 150mm travel forks combined with 130mm rear travel, both using the Zero Suspension System. It’s a new version that follows Mondrakers more Aggressive Trail philosophy, the “mini-Foxy” bike concept with incredible shock absorption capacity while offering more agile and efficient pedaling.

A model that shares the same geometry and kinematics as the Raze Carbon, yet with a more affordable price tag that will help make the new Raze a best seller. Possibly one of the most complete models in the entire Mondraker range when you take into account the overall performance and its price-performance ratio.

Available models:
Raze R / Raze

The new Mondraker Chrono DC is the perfect bike for riders looking for more than just a hardtail. A more aggressive bike concept aimed at DownCountry. Mondraker understands that a bike in this category should be more capable and fun. That’s why the fork travel was increased to 120mm, the head angle has been bumped up to 68.5 degrees and you can mount tires up to 2.4” wide like the ones fitted from the factory.

The Chrono DC is made from Stealth aluminum and is the perfect choice for riders looking for a cross country bike that is not only more capable than normal, but much more versatile too. Both Chrono DC R and Chrono DC models come with a dropper post as standard.

With the addition of the Chrono DC, the 2023 Chrono range is made up of 3 Chrono Carbon models, 2 Chrono DC models and 2 Chrono models.

Available models:
Chrono DC R / Chrono DC

The new Chaser in its RX and X versions within the Urban Cross range is the perfect combination for riders who want an electric full suspension bike to get around on a daily basis but without the limitations of a city bike when you leave the asphalt behind. It is Mondrakers most capable and versatile urban electric bike in the 2023 range. With all the heritage of the Chaser – in this case with 150mm of front travel and 140mm rear – the Chaser Urban Cross with its two new models comes equipped with lights, mudguards, luggage rack and the versatility of the 2.6” Maxxis Ikon tires. The top of the range Chaser RX comes equipped with a 750Wh battery and the Chaser X with a 625Wh battery.

The Chaser RX model uses the Bosch Smart System with the Bosch Performance Line CX G4 motor, the new System Controller device integrated into the toptube, Mini Remote wireless remote control and Kiox 300 external display.

Available models:
Chaser RX / Chaser X


One of the standout features of Mondraker’s 2023 season is the update to the latest version of Bosch’s Smart System for all bikes equipped with Bosch motors. From 2023 onwards, models with 625Wh batteries will also come fitted with the Smart System.

All models and ranges fitted with Bosch motors (Crafty Carbon, Crafty, Level, Prime, Chaser and Chaser Urban Cross) come equipped with the Bosch Performance Line CX G4 motor with its special features such as improved power delivery at lower cadences (acceleration control and maximum agility on the trails), EMTB mode with a more sensitive response and Extended Boost which allows you to overcome obstacles more easily than ever before.

Please note the differentiating features of the Tour + mode, which provide the following improvements:
• It works in a similar way to EMTB mode, but more smoothly and with greater energy-savings.
• The internal motor controller more accurately recognizes the input from the rider and adjusts the level of assistance accordingly.
• The degree of assistance is adjusted all the way from Eco mode to Turbo mode.

Another one of the most important updates on the Bosch Smart System models with 750Wh batteries is the presence of the System Controller and the Mini Remote. The System Controller is a device integrated into the toptube that can turn the motor of our e-bike on and off, change the assistance mode and show the status of the battery through its LED lights with bars equal to 10%. The System Controller is integrated into the toptube in both carbon and aluminum models and is always in combination with the 750Wh battery. The Bluetooth Mini Remote control combines wirelessly with the Bosch eBike Flow app to let you control the assistance mode, the lights (if you have them installed on your ebike), the Walk Assist for when you push your bike, and the control of the external display itself; all with just three buttons.


The Dusk and Thundra ranges also benefit from the new generation of Shimano motors with the appearance of the new EP801 and EP600 models.

The new Shimano EP801 motor used on the 2023 Mondraker Dusk R has improved performance compared to the previous EP8 while maintaining its characteristic 85Nm of maximum assistance with natural and very intuitive pedaling assistance. The Dusk, Thundra and Thundra X all use the new EP600 -EP6- engine which replaces the E7000 with greater assistance that also reaches 85Nm with three customizable modes: Eco, Trail and Boost. The new EP6 engine weighs in at only 200 grams more than the new EP801.

Updated Features:
– Second generation battery management system.
– 12V port added.
– Added external accessory port.
– Equipped with Shimano Tracker device (connected via PLC for the second generation).


A benchmark on the international circuit for its low weight, shock absorption and stiffness, the 2023 Summum range in its two carbon and aluminum variants has Mondraker’s best technologies such as Stealth Air Full Carbon, Stealth Alloy Evo, Forward Geometry, Zero Suspension System and MIND, with which you can fully optimize both front and rear suspension to achieve maximum performance. With 29″ wheels as standard, there’s also the MX option with a 29″ front wheel and a 27.5″ rear wheel. It includes a geometry change kit for better customization as standard on the top-of-the-range Summum Carbon RR model which is optional for the rest of the range.

The range consists of two carbon and two aluminum models with updated colors and specifications for 2023.

Available models:
Summum Carbon RR 29 // MX
Summum Carbon R 29 // MX
Summum R 29 // MX
Summum 29 // MX

Mondrakers star model for the most intense enduro stages. The SuperFoxy maintains its racing DNA with spectacular acceleration and is the perfect combination for riders who enjoy World Cup like descents and Cross Country like climbs.

The SuperFoxy in its two carbon and aluminum variants has updated colors and specifications for 2023, with two models in carbon and two in aluminum. All models feature 160mm of rear travel and 170mm of front fork travel. The prestigious Swedish suspension brand Öhlins is present in three of the four models this season, providing extreme sensitivity and controllability on the most complicated terrain.

Available models:
SuperFoxy Carbon RR / SuperFoxy Carbon R / SuperFoxy R / SuperFoxy

One of the icons of the Mondraker range, the 2023 Foxy in its two carbon and aluminum variants maintains its balanced behavior on all types of terrain, and has updated colors and specifications. The 2023 Foxy has all the technology patented by Mondraker such as Forward Geometry, the Zero Suspension System and MIND. It offers 150mm of rear travel and 160mm up front throughout the range, except for the 170mm top-of-the-range Foxy Carbon XR model, and is available in three carbon models and two aluminum models with Öhlins and Fox suspension.

Available models:
Foxy Carbon XR / Foxy Carbon RR / Foxy Carbon R / Foxy R / Foxy

The Mondraker Raze is a Trail model for riders who want it all, with all the guarantees and a spectacular weight. With 150mm of front travel and 130mm of rear travel the Raze is no ordinary trail bike. The definition of a trail bike is not based on its travel but on its functionality. The 2023 range has been complemented with two aluminum models for riders who prefer alloy frames with a more affordable price while still offering the same performance as the carbon range.

Available models:
Raze Carbon RR SL / Raze Carbon RR / Raze Carbon R / Raze R / Raze

Maximum competition, maximum intensity and pure cross country on a hardtail. These are Mondrakers three cross country ranges for 2023. The F-Podium DC took the win in the first three races of the 2022 World Cup, the F-Podium is there for riders who want the perfect machine to train on and compete in cross country races and the Podium for rider looking for the unique and quick reactions of a hardtail.

Mondrakers proprietary technologies such as orward Geometry, Stealth Air Full Carbon, Stealth Air Carbon and Zero Suspension System make these models benchmarks on the international XC circuit. For 2023 the range has updated colors and specifications with 8 models available in total.

Available models:
F-Podium DC RR / F-Podium DC R / F-Podium DC / F-Podium R / F-Podium / Podium RR SL / Podium R / Podium


The 2023 XC PRO range in both carbon and aluminum is ideal for riders who want to get the most out of their bikes while pedaling, yet with an extra touch of comfort during the more technical trails. In addition to the Chrono Carbon and Chrono models with their updated colors and specifications, this season Mondraker has the new Chrono DC range with a 120mm travel fork and 2.4” tires. A more aggressive bike concept in the DownCountry category. The brand understands that a bike in this category should be more capable and fun.

Available models:
Chrono Carbon RR / Chrono Carbon R / Chrono Carbon / Chrono DC R / Chrono DC / Chrono R / Chrono

The Level range has been beefed up for 2023 with a new range topping Level XR model coming factory fitted with Öhlins suspension to keep its 180mm of front and 170mm rear travel under control. All 3 models in the range come equipped with a Bosch Performance Line CX GEN4 BS3 motor and the new Mini Remote wireless remote control with the integrated System Controller installed in the top tube. All of this allows you to control various parameters while riding as well as keeping an eye on the battery status. The entire range has a 750Wh battery, perfect for doing as many climbs as you want whether on on your local tracks or at the bike park. The remaining Level RR and Level R models have been updated in both colors and specifications.

Available models:
Level XR / Level RR / Level R

As mentioned before, the whole Crafty range in both carbon and aluminum versions with a 750Wh battery (all models, except the Chaser which has a 625Wh battery) feature the latest version of Bosch’s Smart System with improvements such as the System Controller device installed into the toptube, or the wireless Mini Remote, to control the modes, battery status and power on and off. The Dusk family debuts the new Shimano motors for 2023. Both the EP801 and the EP600 (EP6) offer spectacular performance. With 85 Nm of torque and 720 Wh batteries, there’s also a 360 Wh extender available (optional), which would allow you to enjoy up to 1,080 Wh for an even greater range. In addition to the new releases that we have just detailed, all the models have updated colours and specifications for 2023.

Available models:
Crafty Carbon RR SL / Crafty Carbon XR / Crafty Carbon RR / Crafty Carbon R / Crafty XR / Crafty RR / Crafty R / Chaser R / Chaser / Dusk-R / Dusk

The range of electric trail E-MTBs offers, in addition to having updated colors and specifications, new Bosch System Controller and the Mini Remote wireless control together with the 750Wh battery for the the Prime R model; while the Thundra integrates Shimano’s new EP600 motor with a 720Wh battery. All models have aluminium frames and come fitted with 120mm travel forks.

Available models:
Prime R / Prime / Thundra

The Urban Cross range now has a new super versatile full-suspension model: the Chaser in its RX and X versions. The top of the range RX has a 750Wh battery and all the advantages of the latest evolution of the Bosch Smart System, with the System Controller integrated into the toptube and the Mini Remote wireless remote control. Both the Prime RX and the Chaser RX have been updated with the Bosch Smart System in its latest evolution.

The Thundra X model integrates the new Shimano EP600 motor with a 720Wh battery. All colors and specifications have been updated for 2023

Available models:
Chaser RX / Chaser X / Prime X / Thundra X

Mondrakers range for the little ones has been maintained for 2023 with colors and specifications being updated, maintaining the Factor 26 double suspension models with 120mm of travel in both front and rear suspension and Factor 24 with 100mm of travel front and rear. Both models benefit, as do the rest of the Mondraker full suspension models, from the exclusive Zero Suspension System.

The Leader rigid range continues to offer a wide range of wheel diameters of 16”, 20”, 24” and 26” in a single frame size for each.

Available models:
Factor 26 / Factor 24 / Leader 26 / Leader 24 / Leader 20 / Leader 16

One of the ranges that reflects all of Mondrakers technology concentrated into a reduced format, and with all the performance you’d expect from a e-bike for the youngest riders. The range remains as it was in 2022 with updated colors and specifications, with two full suspension models with 26” and 24″ wheel diameters (F-Play), three rigid models with 20”, 24” and 26″ wheel sizes (Play) and the Grommy in 12” and 16” wheel diameters.

Both the F-Play and Play models have the Mahle-Ebikemotion X-35 motor system in combination with an internal 250Wh battery.

Available models:
F-Play 26 / F-Play 24 / Play 26 / Play 24 / Play 20 / Grommy 16 / Grommy 12

As in every season, for 2023 Mondrakers main models are available in frame only options. For all those riders who want to build their own bike from the ground up, the brand offers a frame only option of the top of the range models, both in aluminum and carbon, including the E-MTB model the Crafty Carbon RR SL.

Frame only options available:
Summum Carbon RR 29 / MX / Summum R29/MX / SuperFoxy Carbon RR / SuperFoxy R / Foxy Carbon XR / Foxy R / Raze Carbon RR SL / Raze R / F-Podium DC RR / Podium RR SL / Crafty Carbon RR SL

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