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Peaty's Complete Bicycle Cleaning Kit

Introducing the all-new Scott Genius. Scott’s favorite trail bike has been redesigned from the ground up, and now features patented integrated suspension technology.

The Genius has sat at the core of Scott’s trail bike collection for the last decade. More than ever, the Genius embodies Innovation, Technology, Design ethos.

First introduced in 2003, the birth of the Genius marked the start of a cult and manifested Scott’s position as an innovation driver in the full-suspension segment. Each iteration of the Genius platform in 2009, 2013 and 2018 respectively raised the bar by introducing technologies and innovations still seen industry wide today.

Throughout, the Genius has always remained true to its DNA: an ultimate trail bike wrapped in a lightweight and versatile package ready for ANY TRAIL, ANY TIME.

Smart Suspension, Smarter Features and our Smartest Design yet lead to an unbelievable trail bike that just can’t get enough, no matter whether you’re conquering high alpine trails or shredding single track with your buddies.

Peaty's Complete Bicycle Cleaning Kit

Win a Peaty’s Complete Bicycle Cleaning Kit this issue in our FREE subscriber prize draw.

Peaty's Complete Bicycle Cleaning Kit

The new Genius applies patented Integrated Suspension Technology. Not only does this make for a fantastic looking bike, but it also allows to improve the bike’s suspension performance. Primarily, Scott can engineer frames with a lower center gravity, resulting in better handling, and a more stable, confidence-inspiring ride for the end user. Additionally, the frame’s construction is stiffer around the BB, which reduces unnecessary movements laterally to the direction of the shock’s travel. It goes without saying that the shock is also protected from debris and the elements, two of the main enemies when it comes to shock performance.

This 29” wheel size specific frame features 150mm of rear suspension paired with a 160mm fork. The new Genius platform has been tailored to the demands of the modern trail bike. The brand utilized an intelligent application of slacker, longer and lower with an even more capable geometry than its predecessor. The goal was a Genius that continued to excel going up the hill, while having all the tools necessary for an even better time down to the valley floor. As is the case with many of Scott’s mountain bikes, head angle is adjustable. The bike comes with headset cups that allow you to choose between a 64 or 65 degree head angle.

With this bike’s predecessor, the team already had a solid suspension platform to work with. Changes to shocks and the amount of capability expected in this category have led to an increase in progression and optimization of the kinematic. What we end up with is a classic Genius vibe perfect for all day epics and add to that a solid pinch of party for when the trail points downward.

Scott is introducing the Genius in two different formats, Genius 900 and Genius Super Trail, or “ST.” The all-new Genius 900 platform takes the tradition of versatile trail bikes and delivers a package that is ideal for any trail, any time, while the ST is tailored to more aggressive riding. While both of these bikes run the same frame layout, they have very unique characters. At the heart of both layouts is the NUDE shock platform, which has been a preeminent feature of the Genius family for over a decade. You’ll find the NUDE 5T shock on the Genius 900, and a brand-new addition to the NUDE Family on the Genius ST – the Float X NUDE from FOX. With this shock, the brand applies their unique in-house technologies to a platform that suits even more aggressive riding.

Setting sag and checking travel use is easier than ever before with the new Genius. An external indicator on the link allows the end user to easily set sag and to see how much travel they’re using.

The Genius features a Hixon Cockpit from Syncros which has undergone a redesign, with refined ergonomics for both backsweep and upsweep, two options for rise depending on frame size (15mm and 25mm) and two stem lengths. Multiple options exist for computer mounts, lights, etc. with the possibility to mount on the stem cap but also out the front of the bar using two threaded inserts. All cables flow neatly under the bar and into the headset leading to a clean, clutter free cockpit. Speaking of headset, swapping head angle is easy. Just take off your cockpit, remove headset cups, rotate them each 180 degrees, and reassemble. No need to cut any cables or bleed any brakes. Cable integration is not exclusive to the one-piece cockpits though.

Alongside carbon models, the 2023 Genius and Genius ST will be available as a hybrid version featuring a carbon mainframe and alloy rear triangle, and also as complete alloy versions. The Genius alloy offers a similar advanced riding experience by further sharing the same geometry and kinematics. This truly high-end aluminum frame further offers the same design, same advanced level of integration and all the technological features of the Carbon Genius like internal cable routing, SAG indicator, downtube cover for easy shock access, headset adjustment, chain guide, etc.

The new Genius will be available as carbon, hybrid and alloy models. In total the collection features 10 models for Genius 900 and ST including 2 dedicated Contessa models. Discover the full collection on

All specs and pricing are provisional and might vary according to currency. Please reach out to your local Scott contact for further information.

Fri 4th Nov, 2022 @ 9:55 am

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