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GO3 Camera by Insta360

“Im really happy to show you Lost paradise 2 – filmed in my home forest this summer, I put all I have in this one. We started building 20 months ago (April 2021) during a summer full of rain. There were sources and water everywhere on the ground, we tried to fix that with pipes and gravel to make a drain at some places but it was almost impossible to finish the build in time. This year was better, but this time, there was no rain. Glad that the forest have some water area near to the spot, so we were able to finish building it. Lost paradise philosophy is to document mountain biking for the community to motivate more people to ride bikes & dig trails. So grateful to have a big crew behind me, they help me only by friendship and passion, they know who they are. I hope you will enjoy the work!” – Eliott Lapotre

Film/Edit: Paul Fisson

Wed 7th Dec, 2022 @ 12:30 pm

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