The main body of the 5OX plastic pedals is reinforced with glass fiber (30%), they offer a slightly concave platform with a large contact area (110×105 mm), but without any axle “bumps” in the middle. In short, not the lowest profile, not the lightest, but heavy-duty pedals with outstanding grip. Available in 3 different axle lengths (for riders who always hit/scratch their cranks or seat/chain-stays with their shoes/heels).

Why composite?
In hard contacts with stones and rocks, the material can give way and can usually withstand more abuse than classic, comparable aluminum platform pedals. For this reason, SQlab relies on composite and does not offer an aluminum version. Bearings are the most important part for durability – SQlab installed Japanese sealed precision ball bearings on the outer and German made IGUS bush bearings on the crank arm side. The three different axle lengths provide a physiologically natural foot position on the pedal: Suitable for larger feet, a V-shaped foot position or larger sit bone distances, which usually require a higher Q-factor. The slightly concave platform
surface allows an ergonomic position on the pedal and creates enormous grip at the same time. To provide a maximum pedaling surface, the surface is flush with the pedal axle. This avoids an annoying “step” / “bump” in the pedal surface, as it is the case with some other flat pedals.

• Material: Fiber reinforced plastic, 30 % Fiberglass, and CroMo axles.
• Weights: 429g / 436g / 445g
• RRP: USD: 89.99 // EUR: 79.95 // GBP 69.99
• Made in Taiwan
• Sizes (different axle lengths, size of pedal platform body is always the same): S M L
• Axle length: -5 mm, 0 mm, +5 mm

Fri 7th Apr, 2023 @ 12:30 am

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