Habit’s BACK! That’s right. Cannondale’s best-selling, best reviewed trail bike ever is back and better than ever. In fact, you could say it’s twice as good, because Habit is now available in two great configurations – Habit and Habit LT. One for the rider seeking the flow of a lighter, faster evolution of the Habit, the other for those who get a thrill on the burlier, wilder end of the trail-ride spectrum with the Habit LT. Both built on a beautifully redesigned frame, in either full carbon or full aluminum, with updated, size-specific geometry and suspension kinematics, and robust, straightforward features that make it easy to live with easy to love. No matter which one you choose, Habit’s got what you need for good times on the trail.

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Wheel / Tire Size:
Habit – 29×2.4″ (F/R)
Habit LT – 29×2.5″ (F/R)

Habit – 130mm rear / 140mm front
Habit LT – 140mm rear / 150mm fron

Dialed Trail Geo
The new Habit nails the sweet spot for trail geo with a fresh lower-slacker-longer treatment. A slacker 65.5 degree head angle, much steeper 77.5 deg seat angle, around 2cm more reach, and a shorter seat tube for longer dropper insertion and lower standover across the board.

Habit LT uses the same frame, but is slightly slacker due to the longer fork. 64.7 degree head angle, 77 degree seat angle. Perfect for the wilder side. (Note – both bikes have the same rear shock eye-to-eye measurement, just different stroke shocks)

Proportional Response Suspension and Geometry
Proportional Response is Cannondale’s holistic, size-specific design philosophy; their Nth degree obsession to ensure that riders across the size spectrum get ride feel and performance optimized for them.

For their Proportional Response Suspension, the brand alters the suspension kinematic by size, based on riders’ average center of gravity, so that every rider gets the same dialed balance of braking, pedaling and bump absorption.

For the Proportional Response Geometry, every aspect of the geo is size-specific, right down to the chainstay length, so as the reach, stack and front center dimensions grow with each size, so does the rear center, keeping the rider centered between the wheels for unmatched traction and control.

The result is that the Habit and Habit LT feel like they were custom built for you, whoever you are. The new Carbon models get the full Proportional Response treatment with custom geo and suspension for every size. The new Alloy models get a split. There are 3 kinematics. XS obviously gets its own unique one since it uses 27.5 wheels front and rear. Small and Medium share 1 kinematic, and another for the L and XL.

Easy to Love
Habits are built for fun, with straightforward, easy-to-work-on components. Industry standard headset, threaded BB, industry standard shock mount, and UDH derailleur hanger. Easy to use internal cable routing on both alloy and carbon (carbon gets full tube-in-tube). Bolt on StrapRack tool & stuff carrier included on Carbon models.

Just-Right Trail Spec
Habit is built for fast, flowy, all-around trail riding fun. 130/140mm travel. Inline shocks, Pike or Recon forks, light trail wheels and tires, 180mm rotors. Quick, light, playful and snappy.

Habit LT is built for the rowdier side of trail riding. 140/150mm travel, piggyback shocks, Lyrik forks, send-it wheels and tires, and 200mm rotors. Poised, planted, rugged and poppy.

Fri 7th Apr, 2023 @ 9:30 am

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