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Lapierre is always in advance on eMTB segment. Innovation, performance, design, three words that have characterized Lapierre’s electric mountain bikes since the very beginning.

2019: Lapierre launch the e-Zesty, the first light-assist eMTB of the market and create a new range and segment in light-assist.

– The number of e-light assist models on the market proves that we were right!
– Lapierre pioneered light assist in the AM category (150 mm travel) with the 2-in-1 concept offered by the Fazua Ride 50 removable drive/battery unit.
– The first E-Zesty was already build with complete carbonUD SL frame for saving weight
– 150 mm with 27.5’’ wheelset, the trend with 2.6 tyres.

Lapierre’s ambition? To Stay the reference on light-assist eMTB.

– Redefine our vision of light eMTB
– Choose the best drive unit of the moment, adapt the geometry and kinematic to retain the riding pleasure of a pure All Mountain
– Keep E-Zesty’s DNA with a strong, easily identifiable visual identity


It’s the perfect eMTB for anyone who doesn’t live in the mountains all year round and is looking for the perfect compromise between lightness, handling and dynamic assistance.


– Rider: the sportsman or woman who only wants one mountain bike, and wants to do more with it than with a traditional MTB
– Playground: a true All Mountain, at ease anywhere, uphill, downhill, mountainous and even terrain thanks to its versatile 140mm travel with 29” wheels
– Practical: It’s not what you have in terms of travel that’s important but what you do with it!

The new E-ZESTY will bring much more pleasure, generate the desire to return, to simply feel better and to do more than expected.


– A light-assist eMTB with 140 mm travel
– 72% extra battery capacity (430 Wh vs 250)
– A new drive unit Fazua Ride 60 lighter, more compact, with lot of torque and customisable


The frame was developed to match the Fazua Ride 60’s performance. While retaining the Zesty and E-Zesty signature, it was completely redesigned, integrating the motor/battery unit, for a sleeker, more discreet design, as well as the cables and brake hoses.

– 100% ZESTY’s spirit and design
– Drive unit/battery : making the drive unit more discreet and stylish
– New integrated LED Hub on top tube
– New intégration of cables and hoses on the headset


To develop this new E-Zesty, Lapierre reviewed the way they test and analyse results.

The R&D department set up new test protocols to compare the performance of the different carbon lay-ups, as well as the different motorisations and settings of the Fazua engine.

These more factual tests, using power sensors to correlate the power of the motor and that of the rider, have given the engineers all the information they need to design the best UD SLI carbon lay-up and the best possible drive unit settings, so that you can cover 1800 m of D+ with a single battery*, i.e. 800 m more D+ than with the old version.

*70kg tester, Rocket Mode


The very first e-Zesty was one of the first VTTAEs with a 100% carbon frame for lightness and responsiveness.

The new frame is also made entirely of carbon, but to improve weight, efficiency and precision on descents, the carbon lay-up was optimised by using more HM and VHM fibre.

Lapierre’s UD SLI technology has enabled to lighten the frame (around 2.630 kg for M size) without compromising the location and efficiency of the suspension, and by integrating the battery into the frame.

The carbon construction also makes it easier to integrate, position and angle the motor to improve weight distribution and create a bike that’s even more playful and closer to the feel of a non-electric mountain bike.


Now with 140mm of rear travel, the aim was to retain the spirit of a true All Mountain bike, with progressive shock absorption but also an effective anti-pumping system for fast climbs thanks to the engine.

The design work and the switch to 29-inch wheels meant that the kinematics and the suspension work had to be rethought to make it more progressive at the end of the stroke and more supportive in the middle, with a SAG of 30% for the shock and 20% for the fork.

Although designed for 29-inch wheels, the ‘flipchip’ was added, a small part that allows you to change the shock anchorage so that you can mount your E-Zesty in a Mullet version (27’5-inch rear wheel) for those looking for a bike that’s even livelier from the rear.

The visual signature of the E-Zesty, with the shock absorber located between the seat tube, remains unchanged. Its protection was improved with a longer mudguard.

Above all, the new locations of the 4 Bar Linkage suspension pivot points further improve the anti-kickback and anti-squat system for optimum pedalling efficiency and improved shock sensitivity.

The short, asymmetrical chainstays give the rider a lively, dynamic feel, with the impression that they simply have more travel.


Taken in isolation, weight is just a figure that gives an indication, but it’s not the whole story.

Lapierre knows more than anyone, thanks to their GLP concept, that it’s the way the weight is distributed that also gives the feeling of lightness. But that didn’t stop the brand from wanting to make a lighter model!

That’s why the Fazua Ride 60 motor was hand-picked. At just 1.96 kg, the compact drive unit is ultra-light and has a low impact on inertia thanks to its location closer to the ground. As for the new 430 Wh battery, it weighs no more than 2.3 kg.

That’s also why a fixed battery was chosen, but the additional 210 Wh battery, placed on the downtube, provides an immediate solution for prolonging the pleasure of riding.

The Fazua Ride 60 package weighs just 4.26 kg, compared with 4.61 kg for the old system, a saving of almost 400 grams and a 72% increase in range.

As a result, the E-Zesty LTD is one of the lightest in its class, weighing just 18 kg in M size, almost 1.3 kg less than the E-Zesty 9.2 X.


No compromises! Ever since the first E-Zesty, Lapierre wanted the bike to feel as natural as a non-electric mountain bike, both in terms of handling and pedalling.

The brand attaches great importance to maintaining this balance between kinematics, weight, stiffness and responsiveness. The new E-Zesty delivers the feeling you’d expect from an All Mountain bike, with a more upright position of the rider in relation to the crankset axle when climbing.

Easy to ride uphill, comfortable and playful downhill, stable and reassuring on technical sections.

The new Fazua Ride 60 drive unit offers greater performance and power thanks to its 60Nm torque and 350 watt peak (the best in its category). Its silent operation and frictionless drive unit make for a natural pedalling experience.

The “light assist” concept is completely forgotten, for total pleasure. This new E-Zesty gives you all the benefits of assistance, without compromising on feel.


A pioneer in light assist, Fazua has developed its motors to become a key player in the light assist market.

From the first Ride 50 with its 250 Wh battery, to the slightly boosted BlackPepper version, the arrival of the Ride 60, with its 60 Nm, 430 Wh drive unit/battery block system, takes light-assist mountain bikes into a whole new world. Our E-Zesty frame is already compatible with an additional external battery.

As easy to use as ever with its three assistance modes – Breeze, River and Rocket – Fazua has also improved the ergonomics of its mode change wheel. Ring Control offers a host of possibilities, including new walking assistance.

Last but not least, the hub mount that shows the battery level is now integrated into the top tube of the frame. More ergonomic and as easy to read as ever, it also features a USB C port for recharging your GPS or smartphone.

Finally, let’s not forget the interactivity of the Fazua Smartphone application, which is the only one to date to allow you to customise the engine settings to suit your needs.


Now available in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL), the geometry of the new E-Zesty has changed little, but is a little more in line with All Mountain bike trends, where the rider’s position is balanced at the centre of the bike.

This is why the seat angle has been straightened even further (to 77°) on all sizes, resulting in a slightly shorter top tube.

To improve agility and handling, the top tube is also sloped by 3 to 4 cm, and the seat tube is shorter.

The new E-Zesty’s chainstays are 10mm longer on sizes L and XL, but the overall wheelbase is longer on all sizes, with the aim of providing greater stability and confidence on descents.

The switch to 29-inch wheels has an impact on the height of the bottom bracket. Positioned 30mm lower than the wheel axle (-15mm vs E-Zesty 1st generation), the bike is more stable.


The 9.4 version make no compromises on either the motor or the 430 Wh battery. The E-ZESTY 9.4 features reliable components for ATVs, a Shimano SLX drivetrain and a 150mm RockShox Lyrik fork, making it ideal for All Mountain riding.

Featuring top-of-the-range UD SLI carbon construction, the E-Zesty 9.4 brings together the best of Lapierre’s Light Assist mountain bikes. The choice of lightweight, high-performance and durable components for All Mountain riding is a guarantee of pleasure, like the RockShox Lyrik fork and Shimano XT 4-piston brake callipers. Lapierre’s carbon wheels with wide rims and 2.4 tyres provide the dynamism and grip needed to take on the slopes.


A top-of-the-range model, the LTD version makes no compromises. Lighter thanks to its special carbon wheels for ATVs, equipped with Shimano XT transmission and a RockShox PIKE fork perfect for all-mountain riding, the E-ZESTY LTD will increase your riding pleasure tenfold on every outing.

Featuring the top-of-the-range UD SLI carbon construction, the E-Zesty LTD brings together the best of Lapierre’s Light Assist mountain bikes.

The choice of lightweight, high-performance and durable components for All Mountain riding is a guarantee of pleasure, like the RockShox Pike fork and Shimano XT 4-piston brake callipers.

Lapierre’s carbon wheels with wide rims and 2.4 tyres provide the dynamism and grip needed to take on the slopes.

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