The Gravity Logic Project began as a desire to do things differently, to break with current codes, and to demonstrate Lapierre’s capacity for innovation through design.

The idea of repositioning the mass gave rise to a truly unique concept, now in its 3rd generation.

”Since the introduction of the Gravity Logic Project concept, the first 2 generations of GLPs have largely demonstrated their superiority both in terms of competition than with consumers.

We had to push the concept even further in order to continue to glean the first places of the podiums. This third Mouture GLP is even more capable and resistant, while being more Powerful and enduring grace in the new Bosch Smart System CX-R coupled with a 725Wh battery.

Aesthetically the GLP III keeps the philosophy of the GLP, but at the level behavior, I am going to surprise you again! ”
– Nicolas Vouilloz


Despite the 50% increase in battery capacity, Lapierre was keen to retain the GLP’s specific and unique design for rapid visual identification, thanks to the positioning of the external battery.

With the evolution of ebike riding practices and market needs, the GLP III is logically turning more and more towards the Enduro, pure-performance and competition segment.

From 140 mm of suspension travel in 2017, the 3rd generation GLP now offers 170 mm for both competition and Bike Park use, thanks to a longer shock absorber stroke (65 vs. 60 mm previously). The frame’s specific asymmetrical design and the demands of more extreme use led us to completely rethink the frame.


To achieve this, the new GLP III is built with Lapierre’s best UD SLI carbon construction. Reinforced with IM/VHM fiber to maintain rigidity and dynamism, the weight of the bare frame is just 3.3 kg (size M).

The use of more unidirectional IM and VHM carbon fibers, as well as a new simplified design with only a two-part mold around the motor/battery block and a new rigid mandrel, result in a better overall finish.

The new frame design also focuses on cooling the engine block, with more ventilation and redirection of air to the motor, to improve performance.

While the frame is 100% UD SLI carbon, the new connecting rod and extender are made of aluminum alloy.


Even with mixed 29/27 wheels, the GLP III had to be a perfectly balanced mountain bike in terms of front and rear suspension. To achieve this, the geometry was adapted for single-T fork lengths with 170 mm of travel.

Above all, work was focused on the rear shock absorber and its anchoring points. Specified at 205×65 mm (vs. 60 mm), the GLP III frame is now compatible with all shock absorber types on the market, whether air or spring-operated.

The additional 5 mm of stroke length offers 173 mm of real rear-wheel travel. A gain of 8% for unrestrained climbing & descending.


True to its basic concept, the battery remains external and always easily removable.

The GLP III goes one step further in terms of integration, with the Bosch KIOX display in the top tube and the HMI integrated just above the battery.

Cables and hoses are also better integrated, with a routing in the headset for even cleaner bike lines.
This internal passage does not prevent the use of a 150° block lock.

However, also developed for UCI competitions, the frame is «Race Ready Routing», with brake and derailleur hoses routed to the side of the head tube.

Last but not least, the frame’s internal guides make the internal passageway silent and rattle free, for an optimal riding experience.


Lapierre was determined not to alter the playfulness and liveliness for which the GLP has always been known.

The desire to make the new GLP’s geometry evolve slightly, in line with enduro riding and equipment such as the 170mm fork and the new 205x65mm shock absorber, led the brand to retain the front and rear wheel size differentiation.

These 2 essential elements have been retained to ensure that the new GLP III remains lively and responsive on technical uphill and downhill sections.

  • 440 mm short chain stay length for technical maneuverability (with a maximum tire section of 2.8)
  • The «Mullet» combo: the GLP III’s differentiated wheel set- up reinforces the playfulness of the rear wheel in hairpins, while the front wheel’s rolling characteristics make it easier to negotiate obstacles.


To improve uphill performance without losing downhill qualities, we had to make a number of small adjustments to ensure that the rider was perfectly balanced and at the «heart» of the bike.

This translates into:

  1. A straighter seat tube angle of 77° (+1°), in line with the Enduro trend. The rider’s position is now more forward, which helps refocus the centre of mass and reduce the pitch-up effect of short chain stays.
  2. Headset angle changed to 64° (-1°) on all sizes to accommodate 170 mm forks.
  3. Shorter top tube on M/L/XL sizes, but longer reach on all sizes.
  4. A more sloping top tube and a shorter seat tube (-3 cm) to refocus the centre of mass even further.


True to the GLP philosophy, the Bosch Powerpack external battery remains easily removable, and Lapierre was determined to keep it that way.

The new PowerPack battery has a capacity of 725 Wh. With 50% more energy (vs GLP2), it’s also 50% heavier (+1.3 kg). Distribution in the centre of the bike and at the lowest point

The tilt of the battery takes into account its new dimensions, so that the weight is always perfectly distributed in the centre of the bike. That’s why  the front of the motor was slightly raised around the bottom bracket axle, so as to lower the rear of the battery as much as possible and reduce the space between battery and motor.

These modifications to the position of the motor/battery block therefore rebalance the mass which, combined with the new geometry, makes it easier to tackle technical uphill sections, while giving a sensation of lightness that is unique for a E-MTB.


Engine performance and intelligence perfectly suited to the GLP III’s racing philosophy and spirit, the new limited-series Bosch Performance Line CX Race drive unit (Team and SE models) generates even more power thanks to its «Race» mode.

While it consumes slightly more power than the Turbo mode of the Performance CX engine (Elite model), it has another advantage: it features Extended Boost mode, delivering maximum power over a longer period of time for better obstacle clearance.

The CX Race engine also features an intelligent anti-recoil mode and a gear change detection mode to adapt power as you ride.

Its low weight (2.75 kg) and 85Nm torque, which delivers up to 600 watts at peak power (400% vs. 340% Performance CX), make the new CX Race the benchmark for competition use.


Controlling the engine characteristics of your GLP III has never been easier, thanks to the system’s connectivity via the Bosch eBike Flow application and the KIOX* console.

Choosing and setting modes, adjusting power, modulating responsiveness – everything becomes interactive, allowing you to optimize engine performance to suit your riding style.

GLP III models feature Race, Turbo, eMTB, Turbo and Off (automatic) modes.

*with smartphone connected

RANGE 2023

Key Features:

  • UD SLI carbon frame
  • 170 mm front and rear suspension travel
  • BlockLock 150°
  • Bosch CX Race drive unit (Team & SE models)
  • Full frame integrated KIOX and HMI
  • Internal or Race Ready Routing
  • Powerpack battery 725 Wh
  • Differential wheels 29’’ and 27.5’’
  • Max tires section 2.8’’

Tue 17th Oct, 2023 @ 6:30 pm

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