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2 months ago

To celebrate their 40th Anniversary and the launch of the first bike made in their new Santa Cruz, CA factory, Ibis is shipping the first…

7 months ago

Jeff Kendall-Weed meets up with legendary rider Kirt Voreis as they set out to find some unique, creative lines, push each other and plainly just…

7 months ago

Missoula, Montana is quickly becoming more and more friendly to mountain biking, and that’s in no small part thanks to the work of MTB Missoula,…

9 months ago

BKXC heads out over to Grafton Mesa over in Utah where in his words, A trail so nice we HAD to ride it twice. Grafton…

9 months ago

Want a short-travel but still fun and playful bike, better still without breaking the bank too? Then look no further than the latest model to…

12 months ago

Follow Mo and Hannah as they head to Salt Lake City to ride what they believe is the best trail there - American Fork Canyon.…

1 year ago

Jeff Kendall-Weed takes us on what could be his favourite trail to ride on a mountain bike: Mountain biking has always been about long pedals…

1 year ago

I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about how I wrecked myself, but hey, it’s my reality and it’s framed just about every ride I’ve…

1 year ago

Hardtail or full suspension? Jeff Kendall-Weed compares them. Let us know what you think.