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6 months ago

Propain on E? Yes, we broke away from our conventions and embarked on new paths. Our E-Bike is called Ekano and is probably the most…

7 months ago

Crashville, Tennessee! Welcome to another hit of #WipeoutWednesdays, a fine collection of delectable MTB crashes and smashes assembled on a tea tray of doom for…

7 months ago

Alpine Style The Alpine Trail was one of my favourite bikes from 2018. combining some great geometry, cool parts and a friendly price tag to…

7 months ago

SRAM have updated their 'Level' brake sets, with a new top-end Ultimate model, along with a more budget-conscious (but still not cheap) Level TLM version.…

7 months ago

RockShox have completely overhauled their suspension lineup, with new features, updates and a whole new naming convention! Some of the highlights include the new Pike…

8 months ago

As of today, Sram have released the new G2 Brake, effectively version 2.0 of the SRAM Guide predecessor. Available in 2 flavours, the all-singing, all-dancing…

8 months ago

More two-wheeled magic from Yorkshire's answer to Paul Daniels on a bike(?). Chris Akrigg has a pretty good eye for a line, and here he…

8 months ago

Marin Mountain Bikes Inc. has announced the of the Mount Vision, the next Marin model line to feature the R3ACT–2 Play suspension system from Naild,…

9 months ago

The time has finally arrived for the world to meet Revel Bikes! The culmination of years of work by an all-star team of bicycle industry…


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