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Dainese HGC Hybrid 2023

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At a glance

The Dainese HGC Hybrid Gloves are made for maximum comfort in cooler climates and seasons. The ripstop nylon fabric on the back offers protection against abrasion and the palm is designed to offer maximum handlebar grip. The palm is as thin as possible and the fingers are touch screen compatible. Price: 49,95 EU / 49.95 GBP

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The product

The HGC Hybrid gloves are available in black only, but come in a wide range of sizes from XXS all the way to XXL. So perfect for those out there with smaller or bigger sized hands. To make sure you get the best size, they have a size guide on their website.

Material wise, the palms are made from a synthetic stretch material, covered with a silicone screen print pattern for added grip. The rest of the glove has water repelling properties that keep your hands dry in an occasional shower or splash through a puddle. To keep you warm, Dainese added a super thin layer of fleece in the liner.

The cuff has a pull tab to make it easy putting the gloves on, and with a small velcro strap you can lock them on your wrist. They fit true to size, so I had no problems with the size L gloves fit. They also have a plastic tab of some sort so you can secure them to your shorts, but as I don’t have the shorts I’m not quite sure how that system works.

Out on the trail

I have to be honest, I am not a big fan of gloves. They prevent direct contact and feel of the bike and somehow make my hands sweaty and slippery when too warm. For most of the autumn and winter riding I preferred to have cold hands then wear gloves. Until I got these gloves that is.

The fit is just perfect and tight. The material is stretchy enough to give you a good grip on the handlebars and the thin layer of fleece is just warm enough to keep sensibility in your fingers when whizzing down the trail. The cuff tightens nicely and the stitching is of high enough quality to not fail after 3 months of intensive use.

If there is one thing to complain about, it would be the touch screen sensitivity. You can open your phone and scroll through a picture or two, but to type a message or find someone in your address book you’re better off taking the glove off. To me that is a bit of a non issue though.


The HGC Hybrid gloves are ideal for someone who wants a thin and very sensitive feeling of the bike without getting cold hands. A minimalist autumn / cold weather glove that is worth its 50 quid price tag without a doubt. Double thumbs up!

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This review was in Issue 74 of IMB.

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By Jarno Hoogland
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