ION Products Wisp Glove  2013 Mountain Bike Review

ION Products Wisp Glove 2013

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Having had a good browse through the ION clothing range at Eurobike last year we were keen to see how the range performed when out on the trails.

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The Wisp glove is their contribution to adorn the female paw, and I must say it is an impressive first offering.
The fit is excellent; comfortable, lightweight, flexible and with consideration given to make the palm from a single piece of synthetic leather so there are no internal seams causing discomfort. Synthetic performance leather has been chosen over real leather for its versatile properties; better abrasion resistance, three times stronger, easy to care for and machine washable. There’s a gel pad at the palm heel to improve the ergonomics and prevent fatigue on longer rides. Silicone printing on the 2 forefingers aid grip and complete the palm package.

The top of the glove is made from a thin stretchy mesh, with additional stretch panels across the knuckles creating a snug fit and a little extra enforcement at a key area. The colour way doesn’t shout ‘girly glove’ which will appeal to some riders. There is a Velcro closure at the cuff with a rubber tab, and a silicone grip patch for ease of pulling the gloves on. Soft micro fibre fabric on the thumb is another simple yet grateful addition for sweat and snot (sorry to ruin the image of women for all the men out there!).

One subtle feature of these gloves is the ‘digital tips’ on the index finger and thumb. A special material has been incorporated into the construction so you can still use your touchscreen phone or GPS device. In these days of Strava, MapMyRide and the like this is a really useful and welcome design feature.

Practical, well-made, great ventilation, comfortable and with some really neat features these are a fab addition to the ladies MTB glove market.

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This review was in Issue 24 of IMB.

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By Mary Booth
Mary Booth has been a keen mountain biker for decades; she grew up on the Purbecks in the South West of England and has spent thousands of hours on the trails in that area. She moved to the South East to work in the IMB office and regularly gets out to the Alps and the Surrey Hills where she loves to ride the more technical trails…

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