ONE Industries Atmosphere Nylon Jacket  2012 Mountain Bike Review

ONE Industries Atmosphere Nylon Jacket 2012

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ONE Industries have a long pedigree in the motocross scene and, having taken on full sponsorship of the GT Team featuring the Athertons, their sights are firmly set on the MTB market. To say this jacket is fresh would be an understatement, the website has only just gone live and product should be in the shops any day now...

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The Atmosphere Jacket is light enough to stuff into your riding pack if the weather looks like it might turn nasty, yet substantial enough to keep most of the weather out. While the material won't stand up to a storm force downpour, ONE Industries are almost selling themselves short by describing it as only water-resistant. Every single seam is taped for extra reassurance along with waterproof zips to keep you dry up front. There are two stealthy pit vents to allow plenty of ventilation on warmer days. Being new to the clothing scene in MTB it is great to see ONE Industries bringing something a little different to the table.

Every element of the jacket has been carefully thought about and one area we really liked was the front closure system, in addition to the usual waterproof zip is a storm flap that is held in place using magnets. The nifty thing is when you unzip the jacket the magnets naturally come free, and when you zip it up the storm flap magically closes again to keep the worst of the weather out. Of course Velcro would offer a similar system, but you would have to pull the Velcro apart as you unzip the jacket, and we love a bit of technology here at IMB, magnets are the future, we've tasted it!

If you want something a little different, that has been well thought out and constructed with care and attention to detail the Atmosphere will certainly fit the bill.

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This review was in Issue 20 of IMB.

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By George Woodward

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