7Mesh Chilco Anorak L 2022 Mountain Bike Review

7Mesh Chilco Anorak L 2022

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At a glance

The 7Mesh Chilco Anorak is a A thermal hooded pullover designed for everyday adventure, with a quarter zip and easy-access chest pocket.

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The product

Made for rides that are more about finding your way than crossing the finish line, the Chilco Anorak features their new proprietary thermal insulation WTV, an advanced, lightweight loft fabric that dynamically retains or releases heat as you ride. Paired with a woven wind protective outer face fabric, the Chilco Anorak is an exceptionally comfortable second layer that also feels great against the skin.

The hood has an elasticated edge and works with or without a helmet. A large dual-zippered pouch leaves plenty of space for snacks, maps or your phone. It has some reflective details to increase visibility in urban riding too. The fit is comfortable and roomy, while the style makes it multi-functional. You can wear this just as easily day to day as well as on rides in the colder time of year.

What’s special about this anorak is the WTV (Wind, Thermal, Ventilation) fabric that 7Mesh has developed. It’s a high loft fabric made up of a woven exterior and soft, fluffy interior. The aim of this combination is that the exterior forms a breathable wind layer while the interior keeps heat inside, creating a balance of breathability and insulation.

The Chilco Anorak is available in four sizes ranging from S to XL, and in three colours: blue, black and honey (tested).

Out on the trail

This Anorak quickly became my favourite thing to wear this autumn. From chilling on the couch to riding and doing photo shoots in the woods, the jacket was warm enough to keep you comfy but breathable enough to wear when doing some climbing. It packs together nicely too, so it’s easy to stick in your bag if the sun comes out.

For stopping a nasty Northern gale and some horizontal rain you do want to bring a shell with you as it is not waterproof and does let some wind through, but that’s to be expected from a jacket like this.

On longer climbs, the big zipper helps keep things cool and if the summit is windy and nasty it has enough of a collar to keep you warm. Another bonus of the big zipper is that you can easily put on or take off the anorak without taking your helmet off.

In terms of fabric and manufacturing quality, 7Mesh are always second to none. If you end up in muddy conditions, the jacket is easy to clean and all stains are removed easily. Even after multiple washes, the jacket kept its shape and colour, that can’t be said of some of the competition out there.


Yes, it’s a lot of money but it’s not expensive. The quality you get and versatility of the Chilco Anorak are amazing and it will become your go-to piece of garment between September and May. Higher quality kit lasts longer and in the process helps you have a smaller impact on the environment too. Drop Santa a DM for this one!

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This review was in Issue 73 of IMB.

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By Jarno Hoogland
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